"Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem..."

Psalm 122:6



End Time Prophecy Coming True


1982- First revelation of nuclear war 

It was on a Saturday morning in 1982, just before the dawning of the day, I was translated in a vision to the pinnacle of the highest mountain in one of the western states of the United States of America, whether in the body I could not tell, or whether out of the body I could not tell, God knows. 

The scene before me was breathtaking. There were no clouds and it was as if my eyesight was supernatural, I could see for many miles. I could see a multitude of homes below, many with their lights on. As I beheld this scene and wondered what it meant, suddenly, further west of me there was a nuclear explosion. The entire sky turned a reddish-orange as a yellowish-white mushroom cloud arose. 

I could see the shock wave as it traveled away from the explosion and raced in every direction away from the explosion. As the shock wave reached me I was awakened.

I recorded the revelation on a tape recorder and on arising I wrote it in a book which I used solely to record dreams, vision, and any revelation I might receive from the Lord.

I was fully aware that all dreams do not come from God, but I also knew that if it was from God and was a warning, He would also confirm the dream by at least 2 or 3 witnesses. 

It was some hours later that morning, I went to visit my mother, who only lived ten minutes away, just as a weekly visit. A usual greeting when I knocked and she opened the door would be, “Hi Greg, and a kiss on the cheek”, but when she opened her door and saw me that morning she had a troubled look on her face and immediately said, “Greg, it was a nuclear explosion and I don’t want to die.”

 I was quite taken back because no one knew about the revelation I had received that morning. I visited with her for about 30 minutes and explained the revelation to her. 

After leaving my mother’s house I thought it would be nice to visit an old friend that lived in the same neighborhood. After I arrived at the friend’s house I realized that it wasn’t so much my thinking, but more of God’s leading that led me to my friend’s house.

When I knocked on Sherry’s door, she opened the door with these words, “Greg, it was a nuclear explosion and I don’t want to die”.

Sherry knew my mother but had not talked to her for perhaps a couple of weeks. These were the exact same words that my mother just had spoken to me just 30 minutes earlier. From that moment, I knew that the revelation that I had received would surely come to pass someday.

1985- Second revelation of nuclear war

In 1985 I had a very vivid dream in full color, sharp and clear.

I was standing at the beach on the east coast of Florida. It was a beautiful sunny day, I was standing a few hundred yards from the water’s edge. I saw some bleachers or grandstands like you would see at a high school sports event, perhaps watching a football game or field and track event. 
The bleachers were right a the water’s edge and they were full of people that were talking and laughing, seemingly having a lot of fun.
It was as if they were there to watch some event like a boat race or some water sports event. The thing that was strange to me was that there was nothing taking place in front of them, but they sure seemed to be reveling and having a good time. 

As I beheld this sight I saw a surfaced Russian nuclear submarine move into the scene and go right past the crowd of people that were in the bleachers. As the submarine passed in front of the bleachers, the people continued to revel as if they did not see the submarine or understand the significance.

 As the submarine went past, I saw a young man walk from underneath the bleachers toward me. I recognized the man as a young Spanish man that lived close to the church I attended. His name was also Greg and he attended a Spanish-speaking church, but he would occasionally come to our morning service to worship with us.

 In the dream, he walked up to me with a very troubled countenance but did not say anything and the dream ended. It was Sunday morning when I had the dream and I recorded the dream in a book before leaving for church.

I was quite surprised when I saw Greg at our church that morning because he had not been there for several months. When he walked up to me in the vestibule we greeted each other with some pleasantries and then I told him the dream and wondered if there was something he wanted to share with me. I did not have to wonder any longer because as soon as I told him the dream he said, “I have something I want to give you after service”.

When service was over he walked to his house which was just around the corner and I drove to his house a few minutes later to see what he wanted to give me. When I pulled up to his house he came out to the van and handed me a paperback book by David Wilkerson entitled, “Set thy mouth to the Trumpet”. I opened it and on the heading of the page it said “The Destruction of America”.

This was solid confirmation of the dream I had earlier that morning, and it was clear to me that Russia would be involved in some way, either directly or through the use of their weapons, with an attack on the United States of America.

Bishop Greg Stevenson