"Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem..."

Psalm 122:6


O.T. Chpt. Summary

The Word of God
Chapter Summary
Old Testament

Book of Genesis

Gen. 1 The creation of the earth in the beginning.

Gen. 2 The creation of Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden.

Gen. 3 The serpent and Adam’s rebellion.

Gen. 4 Cain, Able, and Seth, the sons of Adam.

Gen. 5 The generations from Adam to Noah.

Gen. 6 The building of the ark.

Gen. 7 Worldwide flood, only 8 souls survive.

Gen. 8 The flood ends, and Noah’s family leaves the ark.

Gen. 9  God will never destroy the earth again by a flood.

Gen. 10 Noah’s descendants.

Gen. 11  Tower of Babel and generations from Shem to Abram.

Gen.12  God calls Abraham and Lot to Egypt.

Gen.13 Abraham and Lot leave Egypt and separate.

Gen.14 Lot captured during the war and rescued by Abram.

Gen. 15 God promises Abram a son and countless descendants.

Gen, 16 Abram has a son, Ishmael, by Sarai,s servant Hagar.

Gen. 17 God promises Canaan to Abraham and Sarah’s descendants.

Gen. 18 Angels visit Abram and go to judge Sodom.

Gen. 19 God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah but saves Lot’s family.

Gen. 20 Sarah and Abimelech.

Gen. 21 Isaac is born, Hagar and Ishmael leave.

Gen. 22 God tests Abraham, asking him to sacrifice Isaac.

Gen. 23 Sarah dies and Abraham buys her burial ground.

Gen. 24 Abraham’s servant finds Rebecca for Isaac.

Gen. 25 Abraham’s death, Ishmael’s descendants, Jacob and Esau

Gen. 26 Isaac lives with the philistines during a famine.

Gen. 27 Isaac blesses Jacob instead of Esau

Gen. 28 Esau marries Ishmael’s daughter and Jacobs’s dream.

Gen. 29 Jacob works for his uncle Laban to marry Rachel and Leah

Gen. 30 Jacob’s sons, and Jacob and Laban divide the animals.

Gen. 31 Jacob leaves Laban to return home.

Gen. 32 Jacob sends gifts to Esau and wrestles with God.

Gen. 33 Jacob and Esau meet.

Gen. 34 Jacob’s daughter Dinah is raped, brothers take revenge.

Gen. 35 God names Jacob Israel, and Rachel and Isaac die.

Gen. 36 Esau’s descendants, the original inhabitants of Edom.

Gen. 37 Jacob’s son Joseph sold by his brothers.

Gen. 38 Judah and Tamar.

Gen. 39 Joseph falsely accused by his master’s wife.

Gen. 40 Joseph interprets the baker’s and butler’s dreams in prison.

Gen. 41 Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams, is made ruler over Egypt.

Gen. 42 Joseph’s brothers buy grain in Egypt, accused of spying.

Gen. 43 Joseph’s brother’s journey to Egypt again, bring Benjamin.

Gen. 44 Joseph tricks his brothers to keep Benjamin with him.

Gen. 45 Joseph tells his brothers who he is, invites the family to Egypt.

Gen. 46 Jacob and his family go to Egypt and meet Joseph.

Gen.47 Pharaoh meets Jacob and his family, they prosper in Egypt

Gen.48 Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons.

Gen.49 Jacob tells his sons what will happen to them and dies.

Gen.50 Joseph buries Jacob in Canaan, and Joseph dies in Egypt.

Book of Exodus

Ex.1 The enslavement of the Hebrews in Egypt.

Ex.2 The birth and rescue of Moses.

Ex.3 God calls Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt.

Ex.4 God gives Moses the signs and Moses returns to Egypt.

Ex.5 Moses and Aaron’s first audience before Pharaoh.

Ex.6 God answers Moses’ complaint.

Ex.7 Aaron performs the first sign for Pharaoh.

Ex.8 Plagues of frogs, flies, and gnats in Egypt.

Ex.9 Plague on livestock and plagues of boils and hail.

Ex.10 Plague of locust and darkness.

Ex.11 Moses warns Pharaoh of the death of Egypt’s firstborn son.

Ex.12 The Passover and death of the firstborn Egyptian sons.

Ex.13 Dedication of the firstborn Hebrew sons.

Ex.14 Pharaoh releases the Hebrews, and they cross the Red Sea.

Ex.15 The song of Moses and the Hebrews.

Ex.16 The people grumble to Moses, and God provides Sustenance.

Ex.17 Water from the rock.

Ex.18 Jethro visits Moses.

Ex.19 The Israelites come to Mt. Sinai.

Ex.20 The ten commandments.

Ex.21 Laws concerning the treatment of Hebrew slaves.

Ex.22 Laws of property comp., and laws of moral responsibility.

Ex.23 Laws of justice and mercy.

Ex.24 The Covenant is sealed.

Ex.25 Offerings for the Tabernacle.

Ex.26 The plan for the Tabernacle.

Ex.27 The plan of the altar of burnt sacrifices.

Ex.28 Vestments for the priests.

Ex.29 Instructions for the ordination of Aaron and his sons.

Ex.30 The altar of incense, atonement tax, and bronze basin.

Ex.31 The artisans for the Tabernacle.

Ex.32 The golden calf, Israel’s apostasy.

Ex.33 God commands the Israelites to leave Mt. Sinai.

Ex.34 The new tablets of the law.

Ex.35 Sabbath regulations, and materials for the Tabernacles.

Ex.36 Construction of the Tabernacle.

Ex.37 Construction of the Ark of the Covenant.

Ex.38 Construction of the altar of burnt sacrifice.

Ex.39 The creation of the priestly vestments.

Ex.40 The Tabernacle is erected and anointed.

Book of Leviticus

Lev.1 The burnt sacrifice

Lev.2 The grain sacrifice 

Lev.3 The congregational sacrifice

Lev.4 The sacrifice for sin

Lev.5 Cases requiring sin sacrifices

Lev.6 Instructions for the priests regarding sacrifices

Lev.7 Sacrifice of reparation

Lev.8 Ordination rights for Aaron and his sons

Lev.9 The priest begin their duties

Lev.10 The death of Aaron’s sons

Lev.11 Rules concerning clean and unclean animals

Lev.12 Purification of women after childbirth

Lev.13 Rules concerning leprosy

Lev.14 Purification from leprosy

Lev.15 Sexual uncleanliness of men and women

Lev.16 Day of Atonement

Lev.17 Rules concerning blood sacrifice

Lev.18 Rules concerning sexual relations

Lev.19 Rules of holiness and justice

Lev.20 Rules of punishment for various sins

Lev.21 Rules concerning the priesthood

Lev.22 Rules concerning the holiness of sacrifices

Lev.23 The Holy Feasts

Lev.24  Ritual prescriptions and punishments

Lev.25  The holy years

Lev.26  Blessings and curses

Lev.27  Redemption of what is promised to God

Book of Numbers

Num.1 The first census of Israel

Num.2 The order of the tribes in camp

Num.3 The tribe of Levi

Num.4 The Levite clans

Num.5 Unclean persons and recompense of trespasses

Num.6 Rules for Nazarites

Num.7 The sanctification and dedication of the Tabernacle

Num.8 Purification and dedication of the Levites

Num.9 The appointed season of the Passover

Num.10 The sounding of the trumpets to call the assembly

Num.11 The seventy leaders are chosen at Taberah

Num.12 The complaint of Moses and Aaron, God’s answer

Num.13 The spies reconnaissance of Canaan

Num.14 The rebellion of the Israelites

Num.15 Rules concerning sacrifice

Num.16 The rebellion of Koran, Dathan, and Abiram

Num.17 God affirms Aaron’s priesthood

Num.18 Duties of the priesthood

Num.19 Sacrifice of the Red Heifer

Num.20 The waters of Meribah

Num.21 Victory over the Canaanites, journey to Moab

Num.22 Moabite King Balak summons the prophet Balaam

Num.23 Balaam’s first and second prophecies

Num.24 Balaam’s third prophecy

Num.25 The Israelites at Peor

Num.26 The second census

Num.27 Inheritance rights of daughters

Num.28 Rules concerning sacrifice during different seasons

Num.29 Rules concerning sacrifices for holy feasts

Num.30 Rules governing vows

Num.31 The war against Midian

Num.32 Tribes of Reuben and Gad settle in Transjordan

Num.33 The stages of the journey from Egypt to Moab

Num.34 The boundaries of Canaan

Num.35 The inheritance assigned to the Levites

Num.36 The inheritance of married Israelite women

Book of Deuteronomy

Deut.1 Introduction

Duet.2 The desert journey

Deut.3  Dividing the land

Deut.4 Warning against idolatry

Deut.5 The Ten Commandments

Deut.6 Warning to obey

Deut.7 The Lord’s people

Deut.8 Remember what the Lord has done

Deut.9 The people’s stubbornness

Deut.10 The second set of Ten Commandments

Deut.11 The choice between a blessing and a curse

Deut.12 One place to worship

Deut.13 Follow only one God

Deut.14 Dietary laws and tithing

Deut.15 Debts canceled and slaves freed every seven years

Deut.16 Keeping festivals

Deut.17 Witnesses, judges, and rules for a king

Deut.18 The Levites share

Deut.19 Cities of refuge and witnesses

Deut.20 Instruction about war

Deut.21 Unsolved murders and inheritance

Deut.22 Sexual laws

Deut.23 Who are the Lord’s people

Deut.24 Divorce and charity laws

Deut.25 Marrying a dead brother’s wife

Deut.26 Offerings of crops

Deut.27 God curses for disobedience

Deut.28 Obedience and disobedience

Deut.29 God’s covenant with Israel

Deut.30 The choice between good and evil

Deut.31 Joshua to lead the people

Deut.32 Moses song

Deut.33 Moses’ blessings to the Tribes

Deut.34 Moses’ death

Book of Joshua

Jos.1 God commands Joshua to lead Israel into Canaan

Jos.2 Joshua sends spies into Canaan

Jos.3 Israel crosses the Jordan

Jos.4 Twelve memorial stones are set up

Jos.5 The Israelite men are circumcised at Gilgal

Jos.6 The fall of Jericho

Jos.7 Achan defies the ban and is punished

Jos.8 The battle and destruction of Ai

Jos.9 The Gibeonites deceive Israel and make a treaty

Jos.10 Five Amorite kings make war on Gibeon

Jos.11 Israel victorious over the northern Canaanite kings

Jos.12 List of the kings conquered by Israel

Jos.13 Territory remaining to be conquered

Jos.14 Division of the land west of the Jordan

Jos.15 Territory allotted to the tribe of Judah

Jos.16 Territory allotted to the tribe of Ephraim

Jos.17 Territory allotted to Manasseh

Jos.18 Division of the rest of the land

Jos.19 Territory allotted to the tribe of Simeon

Jos.20 Designation of the cities of refuge

Jos.21Cities of the Levites

Jos.22 Joshua sends the eastern tribes home

Jos.23 Joshua’s farewell speech to Israel

Jos.24 The Covenant Renewed at Shechem, and the death of Joshua

Book of Judges

Jud.1 The tribes of Israel conquer the remaining Canaanites

Jud.2 The Angel of God warns Israel against its apostasy

Jud.3 The gentile nations remaining among Israel

Jud.4 Deborah’s victory over Jabin, and Jael conquers Sisera

Jud.5 The song of Deborah and Jael

Jud.6 Gideon is called by God to lead Israel

Jud.7 Gideon defeats the Midianites

Jud.8 The death of Gideon

Jud.9 Abimelech becomes king and is cursed by Jotham

Jud.10 The judge’s Tola and Jair

Jud.11 Jephthah subdues the Ammonites and makes a vow

Jud.12 The tribe of Ephraim and Gilead wage war

Jud.13 The conception and birth of Samson the Nazarite

Jud.14 The marriage and deeds of Samson

Jud.15 Samson takes revenge on the Philistines

Jud.16 Samson with Delilah, and his revenge and death

Jud.17 Micah’s shrine of idols

Jud.18 The Danites search for territory

Jud.19 The crime of Gibeah

Jud.20 Israel’s victory over the tribe of Benjamin

Jud.21 Wives found for the remnant of Benjamin

Book of  Ruth

Ruth.1 Ruth and Naomi return to Bethlehem

Ruth.2 Ruth gleans in the field of Boaz

Ruth.3 Ruth sleeps at the feet of Boaz

Ruth.4 Ruth and Boaz marry, and Ruth bears a son

The first book of Samuel

1Sa.1 The birth of Samuel

1Sa.2 Hannah’s song of thanksgiving

1Sa.3 God calls Samuel

1Sa.4 The Philistines capture the Ark of the Covenant

1Sa.5 The Ark among the Philistines

1Sa.6 The return of the Ark

1Sa.7 Samuel defeats the Philistines

1Sa.8 Israel asks for a king

1Sa.9 Samuel and Saul meet

1Sa.10 Samuel anoints Saul, and Saul is chosen as king

1Sa.11 Saul defeats the Ammonites

1Sa.12 Samuel’s farewell speech to Israel

1Sa.13 Saul wars against the Philistines, and rebuked by Samuel

1Sa.14 Jonathan attacks the Philistines

1Sa.15 War against the Amalekites, God rejects Saul as king

1Sa.16 Samuel anoints David as Saul’s successor

1Sa.17 David and Goliath

1Sa.18 Saul becomes jealous of David

1Sa.19 Saul persecutes David, and Jonathan intervenes

1Sa.20 David and Jonathan

1Sa.21 David flees from Saul

1Sa.22 David’s wanderings, Saul kills the priests at Nob

1Sa.23 Saul pursues David

1Sa.24 David spares Saul’s life

1Sa.25 The death of Samuel

1Sa.26 David again spares Saul

1Sa.27 David among the Philistines

1Sa.28 Saul consults the witch of Endor

1Sa.29 The Philistine leaders send David back

1Sa.30 David wars against the Amalekites

1Sa.31 The death of Saul and his sons

The second book of Samuel

2Sa.1 David hears of the death of Saul and Jonathan

2Sa.2 David is anointed king of Judah

2Sa.3 Abner joins David and is murdered by Joab

2Sa.4 Ishbosheth is murdered

2Sa.5 David becomes king over Judah and Israel

2Sa.6 The Ark of the Covenant is brought to Jerusalem

2Sa.7 The prophecy of Nathan, and David’s prayer of thanks

2Sa.8 David’s military victories

2Sa.9 David and Mephibosheth

2Sa.10 David defeats the Ammonites and Syrians

2Sa.11 David and Bathsheba

2Sa.12 David is rebuked by Nathan and repents in prayer

2Sa.13 Amnon violates his sister Tamar and is killed by Absalom

2Sa.14 Joab arranges Absalom’s return to Jerusalem

2Sa.15 Absalom plots rebellion against David

2Sa.16 David and Ziba

2Sa.17 Hushai the Archite misleads Absalom

2Sa.18 Absalom’s defeat and death

2Sa.19 David mourns Absalom and returns to Jerusalem

2Sa.20 Sheba rebels against David

2Sa.21 The Gibeonites execute Saul’s descendants

2Sa.22 David’s song of praise to God

2Sa.23 The last words of David

2Sa.24 David’s census of Israel and Judah

The first book of Kings

1.Kg.1 David’s last days, he anoints Solomon as his successor

1.Kg.2 David’s last testament and death

1.Kg.3 Solomon asks for wisdom

1.Kg.4 Solomon’s high officials and administrators

1.Kg.5 Solomon’s preparations for building the Temple

1.Kg.6 The building of the Temple

1.Kg.7 Solomon builds his palace

1.Kg.8 The Ark of the Covenant is brought to the Temple

1.Kg.9 God appears to Solomon a second time

1.Kg.10 The queen of Sheba visits Solomon

1.Kg.11 Solomon’s gentile wives, apostasy, and death

1.Kg.12 Rehoboam succeeds as king and the revolt of Israel

1.Kg.13 A man of God condemns Jeroboam at Bethel

1.Kg.14 The kingdom splits, Jeroboam of Israel, Rehoboam of Judah

1.Kg.15 The reigns of Abijah and Asa in Judah, and Baasha in Israel

1.Kg.16 The reigns of Elah, Zimri, Omri, and Ahab in Israel

1.Kg.17 Elijah the prophet foretells the drought

1.Kg.18 Elijah and Ahab, and the prophets of Baal are defeated

1.Kg.19 Elijah encounters God at Horeb, and God calls Elisha

1.Kg.20 The war against the Syrians

1.Kg.21 Ahab and Jezebel plot to seize Naboth’s vineyard

1.Kg.22 Micaiah foretells Ahab’s defeat and his death

The second book of Kings

2.Kg.1 Elijah pronounces God’s judgment against King Ahaziah

2.Kg.2 Elijah taken away and Elisha succeeds him

2.Kg.3 Israel and Judah war against Moab

2.Kg.4 Elisha helps a poor woman and raises a dead boy

2.Kg.5 Naaman the Aramite is cured of leprosy

2.Kg.6 Elisha captures a band of Syrians, and Samaria is besieged

2.Kg.7 The siege of Samaria is lifted

2.Kg.8 Elisha and Hazael, and the reigns of Joram and Ahaziah in Judah

2.Kg.9 Jehu is anointed king of Israel

2.Kg.10 Jehu massacres the sons of Ahab and brothers of Ahaziah

2.Kg.11Queen Athaliah of Judah

2.Kg.12 The reign of Joash in Judah

2.Kg.13 King Jehoahaz and of Israel, and the death of Elisha

2.Kg.14 King Amaziah and Azariah of Judah, and Jeroboam II of Israel

2.Kg.15 King Uzziah, Jotham of Judah, Zechariah, Shallum, men of Israel

2.Kg.16 King Pekah of Israel, and Ahaz reigns in Judah

2.Kg.17 Hosea reigns in Israel, and the history of Samaria

2.Kg.18 Hezekiah is king, and Shalmaneser of Assyria invades Judah

2.Kg.19 King Hezekiah consults the prophet, Isaiah

2.Kg.20 Hezekiah’s illness and recovery

2.Kg.21 The reigns of Manasseh and Amon in Judah

2.Kg.22 King Josiah consults Huldan about the Book of the Law

2.Kg.23 Josiah renews the Covenant, and Jehoahaz succeeds him

2.Kg.24 The reigns of Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah in Judah

2.Kg.25 The fall of Jerusalem and defeat of Zedekiah

The first book of Chronicles

1.Ch.1 Descendants of Adam to Esau and lineage of the rulers

1.Ch.2 Descendants of Israel, including David’s ancestry

1.Ch.3 Descendants of David including the kings of Judah

1.Ch.4 Descendants of Judah and of Simeon

1.Ch.5 Descendants of Reuben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh

1.Ch.6 Lineage of Levi, the Temple musicians, and their territories

1.Ch.7 Lineage of Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, and Ephraim

1.Ch.8 The line of Benjamin, including the family of Saul

1.Ch.9 List of the residents of Jerusalem after the exile

1.Ch.10 The death of King Saul

1.Ch.11 David is anointed king over Israel

1.Ch.12 David’s followers from the various tribes of Israel

1.Ch.13 The Ark of the Covenant is returned from Kiriath jearim

1.Ch.14 David at Jerusalem, and his children

1.Ch.15 The Ark of the Covenant is brought to Jerusalem

1.Ch.16 David song of praise to God

1.Ch.17 The prophecy of Nathan, David’s prayer in response

1.Ch.18 David victories over the Philistines, Moabites, Syrians

1.Ch.19 The war against the Ammonites

1.Ch.20 The capture of Rabbah

1.Ch.21 David’s census, and God’s punishment

1.Ch.22 Preparation for the building of the Temple

1.Ch.23 The census and the organization of the Levites

1.Ch.24 The divisions of the priests

1.Ch.25 The Temple musicians

1.Ch.26 The divisions of the gatekeepers

1.Ch.27 Military and civil organization

1.Ch.28 David’s instructions for the Temple

1.Ch.29 Israel’s offering for the Temple, Solomon becomes king

The second book of Chronicles

2.Ch.1 God grants wisdom to Solomon

2.Ch.2 Preparations for building the Temple

2.Ch.3 The construction of the Temple

2.Ch.4 The furnishings of the Temple

2.Ch.5 The Ark of the Covenant is brought to the Temple

2.Ch.6 Solomon’s address to the people and prayer to God

2.Ch.7 The dedication of the Temple

2.Ch.8 A list of Solomon’s accomplishments

2.Ch.9 The visit from the Queen of Sheba

2.Ch.10Rehoboam becomes king and the schism of Israel and Judah

2.Ch.11 The activities of Rehoboam

2.Ch.12 Rehoboam’s apostasy, Shishak of Egypt invades Judah

2.Ch.13 King Abijah of Judah wages war with Jeroboam of Israel

2.Ch.14 Asa succeeds Abijah

2.Ch.15 Asa’s religious reforms and fidelity to God

2.Ch.16 The late years of Asa’s reign

2.Ch.17 Jehoshaphat becomes King of Judah

2.Ch.18 Jehoshaphat and Ahab become allies, Micaiah’s prophecy

2.Ch.19 Jehoshaphat appoints judges

2.Ch.20 Jehoshaphat defeats the armies of Edom

2.Ch.21 Jehoram ascends the throne of Judah

2.Ch.22 Ahaziah succeeds Jehoram as king

2.Ch.23 The revolt against Queen Athaliah of Judah

2.Ch.24 Joash becomes king of Judah

2.Ch.25 Amaziah Succeeds Joash as king

2.Ch.26 The reign of Uzziah in Judah

2.Ch.27 Jotham succeeds Uzziah in Judah

2.Ch.28 Ahaz becomes king of Judah after Uzziah

2.Ch.29 Hezekiah becomes king and purifies the Temple

2.Ch.30 Hezekiah assembles Israel for the Passover

2.Ch.31 Hezekiah re-establishes the priestly and Levitical orders

2.Ch.32 Sennacherib of Assyria invades Judah

2.Ch.33 Manasseh succeeds Hezekiah as king

2.Ch.34 King Josiah of Judah consults Huldah the prophetess

2.Ch.35 Josiah celebrates the Passover in the assembly

2.Ch.36 Kings Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Zedekiah of Judah

Book of Ezra

Ezra.1 Cyrus proclaims the return of the Jews to Israel

Ezra.2 The list of the exiles returning to Israel

Ezra.3 Resumption of worship and rebuilding of the Temple

Ezra.4 Opposition to the rebuilding of the Temple

Ezra.5 Tatnai’s letter to Darius about the rebuilding of the temple

Ezra.6 Cyrus’ order is rediscovered, and the Temple is dedicated

Ezra.7 Ezra’s arrival in Jerusalem and commission from Artaxerxes

Ezra.8 The journey of Ezra and Jewish clans from Babylon to Israel

Ezra.9 Ezra anger over Jewish marriages with the Gentiles

Ezra10 The plan to end the intermarriages and a list of the guilty

Book of Nehemiah

Neh.1 Nehemiah’s prophecy over Jerusalem

Neh.2 King Artaxerxes sends Nehemiah to Jerusalem

Neh.3 The walls of Jerusalem are built

Neh.4 Opposition to the building

Neh.5 Nehemiah stops the oppression of the poor

Neh.6 Nehemiah’s enemies plot against him

Neh.7 The list of the returning exiles

Neh.8 Ezra reads the book of the Law to the people

Neh.9 The Israelites say a prayer of confession

Neh.10 The covenant to follow God is sealed by the people

Neh.11 The list of those setting in Jerusalem

Neh.12 list of the returning priest and Levites

Neh.13 Nehemiah’s final reforms

Book of Esther

Est.1 King Ahasuerus and Queen Vashti

Est.2 Ester is crowned queen instead of Vashti

Est.3 Haman’s plot against the Jews

Est.4 Mordecai seeks Esther’s assistance

Est.5 Esther petitions King Ahasuerus

Est.6 Mordecai is honored by the king

Est.7 Haman is hanged on his own gallows

Est.8 The king sign a decree on behalf of the Jews

Est.9 The Jews defeat their enemies and the day of Purim is celebrated

Est.10 Mordecai’s greatness is recounted

Book of Job

Job.1 God and Satan dispute, and God allows Satan to test Job

Job.2 Satan tests Joda second time

Job.3 Job complains to God

Job.4 Eliphaz the Temanite speaks to Job

Job.5 Eliphaz urges Job to appeal to God

Job.6 Job’s replies to Eliphaz

Job.7 Job continues his speech

Job.8 Bildad the Shuhite remarks to Job

Job.9 Job replies to Bildad

Job.10 Job recounts his misery and claims his guiltlessness

Job.11 Zophar the Naamathite disbelieves Job’s blamelessness

Job.12 Job’s reply to Zophar

Job.13 Job denies Zophar’s accusations

Job.14 Job remarks on the weakness of man

Job.15 Eliphaz’s second speech

Job.16 Job replies again to Eliphaz

Job.17 Job’s despair over his life

Job.18Bildad’s second speech

Job.19 Job’s reply to Bildad

Job.20 Zophar’s second speech

Job.21 Job’s reply

Job.22 Eliphaz insists Jod is guilty

Job.23 Job years to find God

Job.24 Job continues to defend his innocence

Job.25 Bildad asserts no man is righteous

Job.26 Job continues to make his case

Job.27 Job refuses to give in to wickedness

Job.28 Job praises wisdom

Job.29 Job’s final statement of his case

Job.30 Job recapitulates his present misery

Job.31 Job vows righteousness

Job.32 Elihu speaks to Job

Job.33 Elihu claims Job is wrong

Job.34 Elihu excoriates Job’s three companions

Job.35 Elihu denies God listens to empty pleas

Job.36 Elihu warns against turning to evil

Job.37 God’s wisdom and omnipotence

Job.38 God’s answer to Job

Job.39 God proclaims His majesty

Job.40 God chastises Job’s words

Job.41 God proclaims His power

Job.42 Job replies to God and is restored to prosperity

Book of Psalms

Ps.1 Blessed is the righteous man

Ps.2 God’s chosen son

Ps.3 Morning prayer when David when he fled from Absalom

Ps.4 Evening prayer for God’s help

Ps.5 Morning prayer for protection

Ps.6 Prayer for rescue

Ps.7 David’s song to God about Cush the Benjamite

Ps.8 The Majesty of God

Ps.9 Hymn of thanksgiving to God

Ps.10 Prayer for the punishment of the wicked

Ps.11 Prayer of confidence in God

Ps.12 Prayer for salvation from the deceitful

Ps.13 Prayer in trust of God’s unfailing love

Ps.14 The words of a fool

Ps.15 God’s requirements for man

Ps.16 God is a refuge

Ps.17 The plea of a blameless man

Ps.18 David’s song when God delivered him from Saul

Ps.19 Creation declares God’s glory in song

Ps.20 Prayer for victory

Ps.21 The king rejoices in God

Ps.22 Prayer of anguish and hope

Ps.23 The Lord is my shepherd

Ps.24 The earth is God’s

Ps.25 Prayer in Danger

Ps.26 Prayer of the blameless

Ps.27 The Lord is light and salvation

Ps.28 Prayer of petition

Ps.29 A tribute to God’s glory

Ps.30 Song for the dedication of the Temple

Ps.31 Prayer of trust in God

Ps.32 A prayer of confession of sin

Ps.33 A hymn of joy and praise to God

Ps.34 David’s prayer when Abimelech drove him away

Ps.35 Prayer to God for intervention

Ps.36 The wickedness of man and the goodness of God

Ps.37 The fates of the wicked and the virtuous

Ps.38 Prayer of the suffering

Ps.39 Confession of the suffering

Ps.40 Hymn of praise for God’s deliverance

Ps.41 Prayer of the sick and weak

Ps.42 The prayer of the oppressed

Ps.43 The lament of an exiled man

Ps.44 Prayer of a nation disgraces

Ps.45 A royal wedding song

Ps.46 God is shelter and strength for the people

Ps.47 God the great king

Ps.48 Mount of Zion, city of God

Ps.49 Riches are fleeting

Ps.50 True worship of God

Ps.51 David’s prayer when Nathan chastised him over Bathsheba

Ps.52 David’s lament when the Edomite betrayed Saul

Ps.53 The foolishness of the atheist

Ps.54 David’s prayer when the Ziphites betrayed him to Saul

Ps.55 Prayer of a man whose friend has betrayed him

Ps.56 David’s prayer after being captured at Gath

Ps.57 David’s prayer when he fled from Saul into the cave

Ps.58 A plea for God to punish the wicked

Ps.59 David’s prayer when Saul sent men to his house to kill him

Ps.60 David’s prayer when he warred with Aram Naharaim and Aram Zobah

Ps.61 Prayer for help

Ps.62 In God alone is rest

Ps.63 Song of desire for God

Ps.64 Prayer for protection from slanderers

Ps.65 Hymn of praise to God

Ps.66 A congregational hymn of acclaim

Ps.67 A congregational hymn requesting God’s blessing

Ps.68 A national hymn of triumph

Ps.69 A lament and a plea for help

Ps.70 A cry of distress

Ps.71 Prayer for the aged

Ps.72 Prayer for the king

Ps.73 Ode to the triumph of God’s justice

Ps.74 Lament for the Temple now destroyed

Ps.75 A hymn to God the divine judge

Ps.76 A song of God’s renown in Judah and Israel

Ps.77 An ode to God’s past achievements for Israel

Ps.78 A Psalm about the lessons of Israel’s past

Ps.79 Prayer for national deliverance

Ps.80 Prayer for Israel restoration

Ps.81 A festal hymn for the Feast of Tabernacles

Ps.82 God condemns the corruption of justice

Ps.83 Plea for God to destroy the enemies of Israel

Ps.84 A prayer for yearning for God’s house

Ps.85 Prayer for peace

Ps.86 Prayer in time of trouble

Ps.87 Zion, mother to all the nations

Ps.88 Plea of desperation

Ps.89 A hymn of praise to God’s faithfulness

Ps.90 God is everlasting

Ps.91 The shelter of the Most High

Ps.92 In praise of the Most High

Ps.93 God is King

Ps.94 God, judge of the world

Ps.95 A Psalm to the Rock of Salvation

Ps.96 A new song to God

Ps.97 Let the earth rejoice that God is King

Ps.98 Sing a new song to God’s marvelous deeds

Ps.99 Holy is God and mighty

Ps.100 Come into God’s presence with songs of joy

Ps.101 A Psalm of God’s goodness and justice

Ps.102 Prayer of the downtrodden

Ps.103 Bless the Lord, O my soul

Ps.104 God is clothed in majesty and glory

Ps.105 God’s workings in Israel’s history

Ps.106 A Psalm of thanks to the Lord for His everlasting love

Ps.107 The redeemed of God sing His praise

Ps.108 Morning Psalm and prayer for rescue

Ps.109 Prayer for vengeance on false accusers

Ps.110 God’s chosen king and priest

Ps.111 Praise to God in the Tabernacle

Ps.112 Blessed are the virtuous

Ps.113 Praise the name of the Lord

Ps.114 Psalm for the Passover

Ps.115 The one True God

Ps.116 A man saved from death gives thanks to God

Ps.117 A call to praise

Ps.118 Processional hymn for the Feast of Tabernacles

Ps.119 A Psalm to the Law of God

Ps.120 A song about the enemies of peace

Ps.121 A song about the guardian of Israel

Ps.122 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Ps.123 Plea for pity from God

Ps.124 A hymn to God, Israel’s savior

Ps.125 God protects His faithful

Ps.126 Psalm of the returning exiles

Ps.127 The necessity of God’s presence

Ps.128 A Psalm about the blessings of the righteous

Ps.129 Prayer against the enemies of Zion

Ps.130 A prayer from the depths

Ps.131 Prayer of the humble and childlike

Ps.132 A song for the anniversary of the ark in Zion

Ps.133 A song in praise of brotherly love

Ps.134 Evening hymn

Ps.135 An exhortation to praise God

Ps.136 Litany to God’s everlasting love

Ps.137 Lament of the exiles for Zion

Ps.138 Song before the gates of the Temple

Ps.139 Psalm to the omniscience of God

Ps.140 Prayer for rescue from evil men

Ps.141 A prayer for protection from temptation

Ps.142 Prayer of David when he hid in a cave

Ps.143 Prayer for rescue and guidance

Ps.144 War hymn

Ps.145 A Psalm to bless the name of the Lord forever

Ps.146 Prayer of trust in God

Ps.147 Song of praise to the Almighty

Ps.148 A call to the universe to praise God

Ps.149 Israel rejoices in the Maker

Ps.150 Praise God in  His Temple

Book of Proverbs

Pro.1 Purpose and theme of the Proverbs

Pro.2 Wisdom as a safeguard against sin

Pro.3 Trust in the Lord with all your heart

Pro.4 The wisdom of listening to one’s parents

Pro.5 Warning against adultery

Pro.6 Warnings against being deceived by evil men

Pro.7 Warnings against the adulteress

Pro.8 Wisdom proclaims her own wealth

Pro.9 The difference between Wisdom and folly

Pro.10 The proverbs of Solomon

Pro.11 The righteous and the wicked

Pro.12 The lover of discipline is a lover of knowledge

Pro.13 A wise man guides his tongue

Pro.14 The wise and the foolish woman

Pro.15 A gentle answer turns away wrath

Pro.16 God weighs man’s motives

Pro.17 The advantages of a peaceful household

Pro.18 A fool cares not for wisdom

Pro.19 Better a poor and honest man than a lying fool

Pro.20 Do not provoke a king to wrath

Pro.21 God weighs the heart of man

Pro.22 Respect is more than desirable than any wealth

Pro.23 Beware of covetousness and listen to the wisdom

Pro.24 Do not envy wicked men

Pro.25 More Proverbs of Solomon as recorded by Hezekiah

Pro.26 Honor does not befit a fool

Pro.27 Love and friendship comfort the soul

Pro.28 The cowardly wicked and the brave righteous

Pro.29 The fate of the stubborn man

Pro.30 Every word of God is pure

Pro.31 Who can find a virtuous women

Book of Ecclesiastes

Ec.1 Vanity, all is Vanity

Ec.2 Pleasure is vanity

Ec.3 To everything there is a season

Ec.4 Empty achievement is vanity

Ec.5 Empty speech is vanity, think before you say things to God

Ec.6 Wealth without happiness is vanity

Ec.7 Some wise proverbs

Ec.8 Obey the king for God’s sake

Ec.9 A common fate for all

Ec.10 The danger of folly

Ec.11 Cast your bread upon the water

Ec.12 Advice to the young and summation

Song of Solomon

So.1 The song begins

So.2 The Rose of Sharon

So.3 The beloved seeks her lover

So.4 The lover extols the beauty of his beloved

So.5  Drunk with love

So.6 The lover goes into his garden

So.7 How fair and how pleasant art thou

So.8 Set me as a seal upon your heart

Book of Isaiah

Isa.1 God warns Israel about its sin

Isa.2 A vision of everlasting peace

Isa.3 Judgment on Judah and Jerusalem

Isa.4 The restoration of Zion

Isa.5 Song of the vineyard

Isa.6 God calls Isaiah as a prophet

Isa.7 The sign of Immanuel

Isa.8 The birth of Isaiah’s son a sign of coming destruction

Isa.9 Wonderful counselor, Prince of Peace

Isa.10 Oracle of destruction against the nations

Isa.11 The lion and the lamb lie down together

Isa.12 Hymn of thanksgiving and praise

Isa.13 Prophecy against Babylon

Isa.14 Israel’s return from exile

Isa.15 Lament for Moab

Isa.16 Refuge for the Moabites

Isa.17 Prophecy against Damascus

Isa.18 Prophecy against Cush

Isa.19 An oracle warning Egypt of civil war

Isa.20  Prophecy about the invasion of Egypt by the king of Assyria

Isa.21 The fall of Babylon

Isa.22 Warning of boastful rejoicing in Jerusalem

Isa.23 Oracle against Tyre and Sidon

Isa.24 Apocalyptic destruction of all the earth

Isa.25 Hymn of praise

Isa.26 Song of Victory

Isa.27 Atonement and restoration for Israel

Isa.28 Woe to Samaria and evil councilor’s

Isa.29 The fate of Ariel, the city of David

Isa.30 Oracle against the treaty with Egypt

Isa.31 God wages war against Assyria

Isa.32 A king reigns by integrity

Isa.33 A plea for God’s pity

Isa.34 God’s anger against the nations

Isa.35 The joy of God’s ransomed people

Isa.36 Sennacherib of Syria

Isa.37 King Hezekiah consults the prophet, Isaiah

Isa.38 Illness, cure, and song of King Hezekiah

Isa.39 Babylon sends emissaries to King Hezekiah

Isa.40 Comfort and hope for Zion

Isa.41 God assures Israel of His love and forbearance

Isa.42 Servant of the Lord

Isa.43 God promises to be with Israel

Isa.44 Israel, God’s chosen

Isa.45 Cyrus, the Lord’s anointed

Isa.46 The fall of Babylon’s gods

Isa.47 The fall of Babylon

Isa.48 The stubbornness of Israel

Isa.49 Israel a light unto the nations

Isa.50 God still promises to save His people

Isa.51 Salvation for Zion

Isa.52 Awake, awake, oh Zion

Isa.53 The arm of the Lord is revealed

Isa.54 Jerusalem’s descendants will increase

Isa.55 God’s everlasting covenant

Isa.56 God’s invitation to all people

Isa.57 God’ condemnation of Israel’s idolatry

Isa.58 True fasting

Isa.59 The depth of the people’s sin

Isa.60 The glory of the Lord is upon the people

Isa.61 The mission of the prophet

Isa.62 The Savior of the Daughter of Zion

Isa.63 God’s day of vengeance and redemption

Isa.64 Prayer for God’s help

Isa.65 A new heaven and a new earth

Isa.66 Rejoice for Jerusalem

Book of Jeremiah

Jer.1 God calls Jeremiah as a prophet

Jer.2 Israel forsakes God

Jer.3 Israel’s unfaithfulness

Jer.4 Rules for Israel’s return to God

Jer.5 The search for a righteous man

Jer.6 The siege of Jerusalem

Jer.7 True worship of God

Jer.8 Jerusalem’s continued rebellion against God

Jer.9 Jeremiah’s lament for Jerusalem and Judah

Jer.10 Idolatry and the true God

Jer.11 Jeremiah and the Covenant

Jer.12 Jeremiah questions God’s justice

Jer.13 The symbolic linen loincloth

Jer.14 The drought in Judah

Jer.15 God vows to send destruction upon Judah

Jer.16 God warns Jeremiah and his family

Jer.17 Judah’s sin engraved in the people’s hearts

Jer.18 God’s message to Jeremiah through the potter’s wheel

Jer.19 The symbol of the broken jug

Jer.20 Jeremiah beaten and put in prison

Jer.21 Jeremiah’s reply to King Zedekiah

Jer.22 Jeremiah’s prophecy to the royal house of Judah

Jer.23 Prophecy of doom to the leaders of Israel

Jer.24 The two baskets of figs

Jer.25 Vision of the cup of God’s wrath

Jer.26 Jeremiah’s prophecy against the Temple

Jer.27 The symbol of the ox yoke

Jer.28 The false prophet Hananiah

Jer.29 Letter to the exiles in Babylon

Jer.30 Restoration of Israel

Jer.31 Israel’s return to Zion from exile

Jer.32 Jeremiah buys a field

Jer.33 God declares He will restore the fortunes of Israel

Jer.34 God’s warning to King Zedekiah

Jer.35 Jeremiah and the Rechabites

Jer.36 Jeremiah’s scroll of prophecy

Jer.37 Zedekiah asks Jeremiah to pray on behalf of the nation

Jer.38 Jeremiah is thrown into a well

Jer.39 The fall of Jerusalem

Jer.40 Jeremiah is set free

Jer.41 The assassination of Governor Gedaliah

Jer.42 The people request Jeremiah intercede with God for them

Jer.43 Jeremiah is taken to Egypt

Jer.44 Jeremiah warns the people about their idolatry

Jer.45 God’s message to Baruch

Jer.46 Oracle about Egypt’s defeat at Carchemish

Jer.47 Oracle against the Philistines

Jer.48 Oracle on the destruction of Moab

Jer.49 The oracle of judgment on Ammon

Jer.50 Babylon’s fall and Israel’s return from exile

Jer.51 God’s warning to Babylon of coming destruction

Jer.52 The fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple


La.1 The distress of the city

La.2 God’s righteous punishment of Jerusalem

La.3 Suffering leads to repentance and hope

La.4 The destruction of Jerusalem

La.5 A prayer for mercy

Book of Ezekiel

Eze.1 Ezekiel’s vision of God among the living creatures

Eze.2 The vision of the scroll

Eze.3 Ezekiel’s call as a prophet

Eze.4 The siege of Jerusalem foretold

Eze.5 God commands Ezekiel to shave his head

Eze.6 God vows to destroy idolatry in the mountains of Israel

Eze.7 The end is near for Israel

Eze.8 The vision of idolatry in the Temple

Eze.9 The punishment of Jerusalem

Eze.10 The glory of God leaves the Temple

Eze.11 The sins of the House of Israel

Eze.12 Ezekiel acts the role of the exile

Eze.13 Prophecy against the false prophets

Eze.14 Oracle against idolatry

Eze.15 Parable of the vine

Eze.16 An allegorical history of unfaithful Israel

Eze.17 Allegory of the eagles and the vine

Eze.18 The sinner shall die, but no one will suffer for another’s sin

Eze.19 A lament for the princes of Israel

Eze.20 Ezekiel confronts the elders of Israel with their sin

Eze.21 Oracle about the sword of the Lord

Eze.22 The sins of Jerusalem

Eze.23 The allegorical tale of two adulterous sisters

Eze.24 The parable of the cooking pot

Eze.25 Prophecy against Ammon, Moab, and the Philistines

Eze.26 Prophecy against Tyrus

Eze.27 Song of lament for Tyrus

Eze.28 Prophecy against the king of Tyrus

Eze.29 Prophecy against Egypt

Eze.30 The Day of the Lord is coming

Eze.31 Allegory of Egypt as a cedar of Lebanon

Eze.32 The king of Egypt as a crocodile

Eze.33 Ezekiel chosen as a sentry for the house of Israel

Eze.34 Warning to the shepherds of Israel

Eze.35 Prophecy against Edom

Eze.36 Prophecy to the mountains of Israel

Eze.37 The vision in the valley of dry bones

Eze.38 Prophecy against Gog and the country of Magog

Eze.39 Defeat of Gog and the destruction of Magog

Eze.40 Vision of the New Jerusalem

Eze.41 Vision of the future Temple

Eze.42 Buildings for the priests

Eze.43 The glory of God returns to the Temple

Eze.44 New rules for the Temple, and the Levites and priests

Eze.45 Division of the land, and the portion allotted to God

Eze.46 Rules for the Sabbath and the Day of the New Moon

Eze.47 Vision of the stream flowing from the Temple

Eze.48 The tribes are allotted their lands

Book of Daniel

Dan.1 Daniel and his companions in the court of Nebuchadnezzar

Dan.2 Daniel explains Nebuchadnezzar’s dream

Dan.3 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the furnace

Dan.4 Nebuchadnezzar’s second warning

Dan.5 The handwriting on the wall

Dan.6 Daniel in the lion’s den

Dan.7 Daniel’s vision of the four beasts

Dan.8 Daniel’s second vision

Dan.9 Daniel’s prayer and third vision

Dan.10 Daniel’s vision of the men in Linen

Dan.11 The prophecy about the battle of great kings

Dan.12 Prophecy about the end times

Book of Hosea

Hos.1 The Lord describes Hosea’s faithless family

Hos.2 Israel is like a faithless wife

Hos.3 The Lord commands a husband to love a faithless wife

Hos.4 Priest and prophets have rejected the Lord

Hos.5 The Lord condemns Israel’s faithlessness

Hos.6 The Lord condemns Israel’s hypocrisy and idolatry

Hos.7 The Lord condemns Israel’s deceit and insincerity

Hos.8 The lord condemns Israel’s adoption of foreign customs

Hos.9 The Lord shall punish Israel’s sins

Hos.10 Idolatrous shrines shall be destroyed

Hos.11 The Lord shall care for faithless Israel

Hos.12 The descendants of Jacob must return to the Lord

Hos.13 Israel’s sins shall be punished

Hos.14 Return to the Lord and your prayers shall be answered

Book of Joel

Joe.1 The priest and the people lament the destruction of the land

Joe.2 God calls the Jewish people to repentance

Joe.3 God judges the nations and blesses His people

Book of Amos

Am.1 God’s judgment of Israel’s neighbors

Am.2 God’s judgment of Israel

Am.3 Warning of the coming punishment of Israel

Am.4 Israel failure to come to Israel

Am.5 A call to repentance

Am.6 A lament for Israel

Am.7 Visions of destruction

Am.8 God vows not to spare Israel

Am.9 The final destruction and restoration of Israel

Book of Obadiah

Ob.1 God vows to destroy Edom

Book of Jonah

Jon.1 Jonah disobeys God and is swallowed by a fish

Jon.2 Jonah prays to God and the fish spits him up on the shore

Jon.3 Jonah preaches in Nineveh and the people repent

Jon.4 Jonah is angry because God will not destroy Nineveh

Book of Micah

Mic.1 Judgment of Samaria and Jerusalem

Mic.2 God shall rescue His people from the oppressors

Mic.3 God rebukes the leaders and the prophets of Israel

Mic.4 God’s future reign of peace in Zion

Mic.5 God promises a deliverer from Bethlehem

Mic.6 God’s complaint against Israel

Mic.7 Israel’s misery and God’s mercy

Book of Nahum

Na.1 God’s wrath against Nineveh

Na.2 Nineveh will fall

Na.3 God warns of doom of Nineveh

Book of Habakkuk

Hab.1 Habakkuk’s complaint to God about injustice

Hab.2 God’s reply to Habakkuk

Hab.3 Habakkuk’s prayer for deliverance

Book of Zephaniah

Zep.1 God’s warning of destruction

Zep.2 A call to repentance

Zep.3 The sin, redemption, and future of Jerusalem

Book of Haggai

Ha.1 God commands the temple to be rebuilt

Ha.2 The future glory of the new Temple

Book of Zechariah

Zech.1 Visions of horses and horns, and return to the Lord

Zech.2 Measuring Jerusalem, and exiles shall return

Zech.3 Obedience shall take away sin

Zech.4 The Golden Lamp Stand, and rebuilding the Temple

Zech.5 The flying scroll, lies, and wickedness are removed

Zech.6 Vision of four chariots

Zech.7 God condemns insincerity and disobedience

Zech.8 The Lord blesses Jerusalem

Zech.9 The Lord condemns the Philistines

Zech.10 Hymn for victorious return to Israel

Zech.11 Favor and unity, and the two shepherds

Zech.12 Enemies of Jerusalem shall be struck down

Zech.13 God condemns the prophets

Zech.14 Judgment Day in Jerusalem

Book of Malachai

Mal.1 God proclaims His love for Israel

Mal.2 God reprimands the priests, and unfaithfulness of the people

Mal.3 The Day of Judgment

Mal.4 The Day of the Lord is coming