"Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem..."

Psalm 122:6


N.T. Chpt. Summary

The Word of God
Chapter Summary
New Testament

The Gospel according to Matthew

Mat.1 Generations from Abraham to Jesus and His birth foretold

Mat.2 Jesus is born in Bethlehem, His family settles in Nazareth

Mat.3 Jesus is baptized by John

Mat.4 Jesus is tempted by the devil, also picks His disciples

Mat.5 Jesus preaches to a multitude, Sermon on the Mount

Mat.6 Sermon on the Mount

Mat.7 Sermon on the Mount

Mat.8 Jesus heals the sick and calms the sea

Mat.9 Jesus heals many and forgives sins

Mat.10 Jesus instructs His disciples

Mat.11 Jesus tells John’s disciples He is the Messiah

Mat.12 Jesus heals on the Sabbath and angers the Pharisees

Mat.13 Parables of the Sower and the Merchant

Mat.14 John the Baptist dies and Jesus feeds five thousand

Mat.15 Jesus calls the Pharisees hypocrites

Mat.16 Peter declares that Jesus is the Messiah

Mat.17 The transfiguration and the power of faith

Mat.18 Jesus preaches humility and forgiveness

Mat.19 New understanding of the commandments

Mat.20 The parable of the vineyard laborers

Mat.21 Jesus rides into Jerusalem with a multitude

Mat.22 Jesus preaches to the Pharisees and the Sadducees

Mat.23 The hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees

Mat.24 The coming of the Son of Man

Mat.25 The parables of the ten virgins and the three servants

Mat.26  The Last Supper, and Jesus is condemned by the High Priest

Mat.27 Jesus is crucified and the Pharisees guard the tomb

Mat.28 The Resurrection and Jesus meets His disciples

The Gospel according to Mark

Mk.1 Baptism of Christ

Mk.2 Calling of Matthew

Mk.3 Jesus heals on the Sabbath

Mk.4 Parable of the mustard seed

Mk.5 Devils cast into swine

Mk.6 John the Baptist is beheaded

Mk.7 Jesus explains what defiles

Mk.8 Peter’s confession

Mk.9 The transfiguration

Mk.10 The rich young man

Mk.11 Jesus enters Jerusalem

Mk.12 The Great Commandment

Mk.13 Signs of the End

Mk.14 The Last Supper

Mk.15 Jesus before Pilate, and the Crucifixion

Mk.16 The Resurrection

The Gospel according to Luke

Lu.1 Jesus birth foretold

Lu.2 Birth of Jesus

Lu.3 Jesus is baptized by John

Lu.4 The temptation of Jesus

Lu.5 Great catch of fish

Lu.6 Sermon on  the Mount

Lu.7 The centurion’s servant healed

Lu.8 Jesus stills the storm

Lu.9 Feeding of the five thousand

Lu.10 The Good Samaritan

Lu.11 The Lord’s Prayer

Lu.12 Parable of the rich fool

Lu.13 Kingdom of God likened to a grain of mustard seed

Lu.14 Parable of the great banquet

Lu.15 Parable of the prodigal son

Lu.16 The rich man and Lazarus

Lu.17 Cleansing of the ten leapers

Lu.18 Parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector

Lu.19 Conversion of Zacchaeus

Lu.20 Paying taxes to Caesar

Lu.21 Signs of the End

Lu.22 Jesus at Gethsemane

Lu.23 Jesus before Pilate, and Crucifixion

Lu.24 Resurrection and Ascension

Gospel according to John

Jn.1, In the beginning, was the Word

Jn.2 Miracle of water into wine

Jn.3 Nicodemus meets Jesus

Jn.4 The Samaritan women

Jn.5 How to receive eternal life

jn.6  Jesus walks on the sea

Jn.7 Jesus teaches in the temple

Jn.8 The light of the world

Jn.9 Jesus heals a man blind from birth

Jn.10 Jesus’ unity with the Father

Jn.11 Resurrection of Lazarus

Jn.12 Jesus enters Jerusalem

Jn.13 Jesus washes the disciple’s feet

Jn.14 The promise of the Spirit

Jn.15 Love one another as I have loved you

Jn.16 The work of the Holy Spirit

Jn.17 Jesus prays

Jn.18 Betrayal and arrest

Jn.19 The Son of God condemned, crucified, and buried

Jn.20 The Resurrection

Jn.21 Post Resurrection appearance

Acts of the Apostles

Acts.1 The election of many

Acts.2 The Holy Spirit baptism on Pentecost

Acts.3 The Gospel first offered to the Jews

Acts.4 Arrest of Peter and John

Acts.5 The first sin in the early church, Ananias and Sapphira

Acts.6 Stephen’s arrest

Acts.7 Stephen is stoned to death

Acts.8 Ethiopian eunuch is baptized

Acts.9 Conversion of Saul

Acts.10 Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit

Acts.11 Peter’s vision

Acts.12 Peter’s freed from prison by an Angel

Acts.13 Paul and Barnabas go to Cyprus

Acts.14 Paul stoned at Lystra

Acts.15 Council at Jerusalem

Acts.16 Timothy chosen as Paul’s helper

Acts.17 Paul’s sermon at Areopagus, Mars Hill

Acts.18 Paul goes to Corinth

Acts.19 Paul’s ministry at Ephesus

Acts.20 Paul’s return to Macedonia

Acts21 Paul arrested in Jerusalem

Acts.22 Paul’s descent

Acts.23 Paul’s vision of the Lord

Acts.24 Paul goes before Felix

Acts.25 Paul appeals to justice

Acts.26 Paul goes before Agrippa

Acts.27 Paul shipwrecked on the island of Melita

Acts.28 Paul’s last message to the Jews, He turns to the Gentiles

Book of Romans

Rom.1 The Gospel of Salvation

Rom.2 The universality of sin

Rom.3 Righteousness by faith

Rom.4 Jesus our justification by faith

Rom.5 Contrasts between Adam and Christ

Rom.6 Salvation the divine method of deliverance from sin

Rom.7 Our relationship to sin, now saved from the law

Rom.8 The Spirit of adoption

Rom.9 God’s mercy

Rom.10 Faith comes by hearing

Rom.11 Israel the natural branch

Rom.12 Christian service

Rom.13 Love is the fulfilling of the law

Rom.14 The Kingdom of God is righteousness, joy, and peace

Rom.15 Unity in Christ Jesus

Rom.16 Christian greetings and salutations

Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians

1Cor.1 Paul warns against divisions in the Church

1.Cor.2 God’s message is revealed by the Spirit

1.Cor.3 We should do what God wants, not what the world wants

1.Cor.4 Do not be proud and judge others

1.Cor.5 Immorality and lawsuits rebuked

1.Cor.6 Settle disputes with each other and avoid immorality

1.Cor.7 It is not a sin to be married or single

1.Cor.8 Do not do things that would encourage others to sin

1.Cor.9 It is not wrong for preachers to be paid

1.Cor.10 Be faithful to God and do what is right

1.Cor.11 Showing proper respect when worshiping

1.Cor.12 All people have different strengths

1.Cor.13 Love is part of God’s eternal truth that we can understand

1.Cor.14 Be sure others can understand what you are preaching

1.Cor.15 Christ was raised from the dead, we shall also be raised

1.Cor.16 Paul’s plan to visit the Corinthians

Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians

2.Cor.1 Comfort in tribulation

2.Cor.2 Paul encourages forgiveness

2.Cor.3 Ministries commended by God

2.Cor.4 A ministry of power

2.Cor.5 A confident ministry of the future

2.Cor.6 A blameless ministry

2.Cor.7 A clean ministry

2.Cor.8 Principles of giving

2.Cor.9 God loves a cheerful giver

2.Cor.10 Spiritual authority

2.Cor.11 Paul’s suffering for the Gospel

2.Cor.12 God’s Grace is sufficient

2.Cor.13 Paul plans to visit with the Corinthians

Paul’s letter to the Galatians

Gal.1 Paul’s divine revelation of Jesus Christ

Gal.2 Justification by faith

Gal.3 Abraham the great example of faith

Gal.4 Law versus Grace

Gal.5 Fruit of the Spirit

Gal.6 Whatsoever a man soweth

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians

Eph.1 Believers position in Christ

Eph.2 Jesus Christ the Chief Cornerstone

Eph.3 The love of Christ

Eph.4 Putting on the new man

Eph.5 Submit one to another

Eph.6 We wrestle not against flesh and blood

Paul’s letter to the Philippians

Ph.1 To live is Christ

Ph.2 Paul’s example of humble service

Ph.3 I press toward the mark

Ph.4 Whatsoever things are true

Paul’s letter to the Colossians

Col.1 For by Him were all things created

Col.2 Warning against false philosophy

Col.3 Set your affections on things above

Col.4 Walk in wisdom

Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians

1.Th.1 Serving the living and true God

1.Th.2 Walk worthy of God

1.Th.3 Lord Jesus Christ direct our way

1.Th.4 Abstain from fornication

1.Th.5 Watch and be sober

Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians

2.Th.1 Paul’s intercession

2.Th.2 Let no man deceive you

2.Th.3 Paul’s request for prayer

Paul’s first letter to Timothy

1.Tim.1 Warning against false teachers

1.Tim.2 Order of prayer

1.Tim.3 Qualifications of overseers

1.Tim.4 Some shall depart from the faith

1.Tim.5 Care of widows

1.Tim.6 The love of money is the root of evil

Paul’s second letter to Timothy

2.Tim.1 God has not given us the Spirit of fear

2.Tim.2 Follow righteousness

2.Tim.3 The godly shall suffer persecution

2.Tim.4 Preach the Word

Paul’s letter to Titus

Tit.1 Qualifications of bishops

Tit.2 Elements of Christian behavior

Tit.3 Avoid unprofitable arguments

Paul’s letter to Philemon

Phm.1 Philemon praised and asked to take back Onesimus

Letter to the Hebrews

Heb.1 Jesus the first begotten Son

Heb.2 The Son superior to the angels

Heb.3 Harden not your hearts

Heb.4 The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword

Heb.5 Jesus Christ our High Priest

Heb.6  Be not slothful

Heb.7  Melchizedek, high priest

Heb.8  A new covenant

Heb.9  Christ the perfect sacrifice

Heb.10 The just shall live by faith

Heb.11 Faith is the substance of things hoped for

Heb.12 Whom the Lord loves He chastens

Heb.13 Christ, the same yesterday, and today and forever

Letter from James

Jam.1 Christians must put their faith into action

Jam.2 Judge faith by actions, not by wealth

Jam.3 The power of the tongue

Jam.4 Do not argue, boast or prejudge others

Jam.5 The rich have their reward now

First letter from Peter

1.Pet.1 Christians who endure will be with God forever

1.Pet.2 Christians will sometimes have to suffer

1.Pet.3 Do not be afraid to suffer for doing good

1.Pet.4 Do not be surprised if you suffer as a Christian

1.Pet.5 Elders should be an example for those who follow

The second letter from Peter

2.Pet.1 We are given exceeding and great promises

2.Pet.2 False prophets

2.Pet.3 Scoffers in the last days

The first letter of John

1.Jn.1 Those who follow cannot live in darkness God

1.Jn.2 Follow Christ’s teachings and stay in the light

1.Jn.3 God’s children should not continue to sin

1.Jn.4 False prophets speak about the world, not God’s love

1.Jn.5 Those who believe in Christ have eternal life

The second letter of John

2.Jn.1 Christians are to love one another and reject false teachings

The third letter of John

3.Jn.1 That you should prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers

Letter from Jude

Jud.1 Earnestly contend for the faith, beware of ungodly men

Revelation to John

Rev.1 John’s vision of seven candlesticks

Rev.2 Letters to the Churches

Rev.3 Behold I stand at the sealed door and knock

Rev.4 The throne of God

Rev.5 The book that was sealed with seven seals

Rev.6 Seals one through six

Rev.7 144,000 sealed of the tribes of Israel

Rev.8 Seventh seal

Rev.9 Men shall desire to die and death shall flee from them

Rev.10 The little book and seven thunders

Rev.11 The two witnesses

Rev.12 War in heaven

Rev.13 The two beasts

Rev.14 666

Rev.15 Seven plagues

Rev.16 Gathering at Armageddon

Rev.17 The judgment of the great whore

Rev.18 Babylon the Great is fallen

Rev.19 Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Rev.20 Satan is bound for a thousand years

Rev.21 The New Jerusalem

Rev.22 The Alpha and Omega