The testimonies I will be sharing are some of my personal testimonies over the last 41 years. While there are literally thousands of testimonies, I will try to pick out one or two for each year that relates to Jerusalem and some that deal with judgments that will transpire in the world before the coming of the Lord.

They are a testament to a loving, faithful, caring, and dependable God that has provided my every need through different methods.

All the events that I share are 100% true, however, some of the dates may be approximate dates.

At times I will share some dreams that I have recorded before certain events happened and as the Lord leads me I may share some that are still yet to take place.

These testimonies will not be in chronological order but will be dated with either exact dates or approximate times and seasons. 

My prayer is that the testimonies that I give will edify the reader and show beyond a shadow of a doubt that where God guides, God provides.

The Holy Spirit uses many methods of communicating with the body of Christ. Please do not put God in a religious box and miss the very thing He is trying to do for you.

Be led by the peace of God in everything you do. God is not the author of confusion. If you don't have peace about something, Stop, and wait upon the Lord.

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint". Isaiah 40:31

The First Epiphany 7-7-77 was on July 7th, 1977

When this first epiphany took place, I was staying at a friend's house overnight, when early the next morning on July 7th while sleeping, I had a vision of a tremendous LIGHT.

On awakening, I tried to explain to my friend this powerful experience, but I could not think of a good explanation to describe the power of this light. Not having any knowledge of Christ, at this point I was left to my own imagination of how to explain this experience in words.

The First Epiphany

This morning I have traveled through the center of my mind.
The darkness became light, I shaded the brilliance.
All of my questions now answered, yet still not explainable.
All of my fantasies now reality.
The length of my journey, unmeasurable.
The depth of my journey, inconceivable.
The temperature, unimaginable.
Yes, I have endured, this morning I have traveled through the center of my mind.
This all occurred on my 30th birthday and the date was 7-7-77.
I was also inspired to write this poem which is entitled "Be a Friend".

“Be a Friend”

No man should lay by the wayside as if to be a mere discarded article.
Be my tender-revive my spirit.
Make me happy once again.
Repair the worn edges of my woven will,
with Oh so easy kind words.
Nourish my humor with the simplest of jest.
Reward me these pleasures and I promise you indeed,
I will be right beside you in your time of need.

Three years after this experience I was born again.
You can read my testimony under the Clarion Call on the website.

I often thought about the first epiphany experience after I was born again and wondered if that was God, that had appeared to me on July 7th, 1977.
It wasn't until July 1st, 1984 that the Lord confirmed that it was Him that first visited me on 7-7-77.

1980- Born again testimony- you can read my testimony about this experience, under the "Clarion Call" tab on the front page.

1981- The Prison Ministry

August 1981 The prison ministry- In the month of August 1981 while in prayer the Lord spoke to me in that still small voice, “I want you to minister to prisoners”.

Not only did I not feel worthy to be a minister, being saved for only one year, but I wasn't so sure I had the ability to match the task.

I knew the scriptures in 1Timothy 3:2-7 concerning a bishop,

“A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre, but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

one that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;

(for if a man knows not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he falls into the condemnation of the devil.

Moreover, he must have a good report of them which are without, lest he fall into reproach in the snare of the devil”.

All that being said, that did not negate the fact that I had humbled myself with much fasting, watching, and the reading of God's word the first year and I clearly heard that still small voice, “I want you to minister to prisoners”.

 I went to my pastor Ruben Adkins and told him what the Lord wanted me to do, and he replied, ”That's a special ministry and scripturally based” and he blessed me.

Now all I had to do was to pray and go find some prisoners.
It seemed like a very simple process as they only keep prisoners in one place, jail.

I found out the first day that it was not that simple. I called the local and county jails in Palm Beach County, Florida, and nobody wanted me to come and minister. I thought that this was a perfect time to ask, “Are you sure you want me to minister to prisoners Lord?” 

After doing some serious plowing in prayer I did get an answer from the Lord, but the answer He gave me quickly left me with more questions than when I had begun to pray.

The Lord said, “Be baptized, fast 21 days, and be present in my house at the appointed time.” Wow, how exciting, except for the 21 days of fasting!

 I have to admit I started to question if I had heard from the Lord or was this the subtlety of Satan.

I knew the scripture in 1Corinthians 14:10 where the apostle Paul wrote, “There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification”.

I was a little perplexed because even though I had fasted for 7 days a number of times the first year, it seemed to me that a 21 day fast was a big stretch.

Nevertheless, the Lord gave me confirmations throughout the fast that it was an ordained fast.

My pastor baptized me and I began the fast.
I did not speak with anyone about the fast.

My pastor was the only one that knew what the Lord had spoken to me, from the beginning, and we never spoke with each other about the fast again until the fast was over.

The first week of the fast went well, but that was about to change.

As I started into the second week, the opposition started to come through my parents, who knew nothing about the fast but were noticing that I was losing weight and getting too thin.

I only weighed 165 pounds when I started the fast, and because I was only drinking water I was losing about a pound each day.
Things at work were getting a little harder also.

Well, by the end of the second week my parents were not happy that I only weighed 150 pounds.

I earnestly sought the Lord and asked Him to help me through the last week, and also asked Him if He could do it without me losing any more weight.

I finished the last week of the fast with much opposition, but at the end of the 21 days, I still weighed 150 pounds.

To me, it was nothing short of a miracle, but only the start of the great things that the Lord would do for me through fasting and prayer.

 The fast was ending on Saturday evening at midnight so I stayed at the church in a spare bedroom as not to have any distractions at home.

I woke up Sunday morning, showered, shaved, dressed, and went into the sanctuary.

The service was powerful and pastor Adkins was very anointed as usual.

After the service, I was talking to several people that were standing by the altar when a middle-aged man walked up to me and said, “Excuse me, my name is Oscar Potter, I understand you want to go into the prison ministry?” “I said, that's what the Lord told me to do.”

He said, “Thank God! I have been looking for someone to come with me to Loxahatchee Road Prison to help me minister to the prisoners.”

(Oscar had walked into the vestibule of the church as people were leaving and asked a young lady from the church if the church had a prison ministry?

The young lady which was a very close friend of mine and knew about the prison ministry calling that I had received, but not about the fast, that the Lord had put me on, said “no, but there is someone named brother Greg still in the church that you should speak with.”)

 Oscar said to me as we stood by the alter “brother Greg, I was on the way to another church which is a good distance from our church in West Palm Beach when the Lord spoke to me these words: “Church of God Georgia Ave” I heard that still small voice, but I continued on my way.

As I got closer to the church I wanted to visit, the Lord spoke to me again in that still small voice “Church of God Georgia Ave”, but I continued on my way.

I arrived at the church, parked my car, and as I was walking into the church, the Lord spoke to me again, but in a much stronger and authoritative voice, “Church of God Georgia Ave.”

Then I knew for sure that the Lord was not speaking about going to the Church of God on some future date, but was telling me to go right away.”

He arrived at my church just as the service ended but right on time for a divine appointment concerning me and the ministry the Lord had chosen for me to serve in.

Oscar and I went to his home and enjoyed a time of sharing and fellowship.

Well, we started ministering at the prison and were faithfully teaching and having fellowship 2 nights a week.

After a couple of years, Oscar moved to another state to finish his education.

In the end, he received a Ph.D. in horticulture, which he used very effectively when he was preaching and teaching.

Some years later he returned to West Palm Beach and started a small church.

 I continued at the prison for 15 years while also preaching and teaching at the West Palm Beach church of God.

At the end of 1995, I received a phone call from brother Potter which was not unusual, except for the fact that the call came at midnight.
In 15 years he had never called my home so late.

The call woke me up from a dream in which the Lord had instructed me that He was finished with me at the prison and He now wanted me to serve Him in a different capacity as an intercessor.

Brother Potter right away said he was sorry for calling so late but he wanted to know if he could start going back out to the prison. I told brother Potter, “don't worry about the time of your call as the call was of the Lord.”

I told brother Potter that the Lord had just spoken to me that he was finished with me at the prison in the dream that I was having when he called.
I told brother Potter “Yes, you can start back at the prison this week.”

 The Lord had blessed me for 15 years in the prison ministry and allowed me to see the fruit of my labor.

Right after I left the prison ministry two of my best students were released from prison and went on to find good employment, married, and became ministers of the Gospel.

They both have been ministering in different prisons for almost 15 years.

The Lord has been so good to me and my family.


1982- First revelation of nuclear war 

It was on a Saturday morning in 1982, just before the dawning of the day, I was translated in a vision to the pinnacle of the highest mountain in one of the western states of the United States of America, whether in the body I could not tell, or whether out of the body I could not tell, God knows. 

The scene before me was breathtaking. There were no clouds and it was as if my eyesight was supernatural, I could see for many miles. I could see a multitude of homes below, many with their lights on.

As I beheld this scene and wondered what it meant, suddenly, further west of me there was a nuclear explosion. The entire sky turned a reddish-orange as a yellowish-white mushroom cloud arose. 

I could see the shock wave as it traveled away from the explosion and raced in every direction away from the explosion. As the shock wave reached me I was awakened.

I recorded the revelation on a tape recorder and on arising I wrote it in a book which I used solely to record dreams, vision, and any revelation I might receive from the Lord.

I was fully aware that all dreams do not come from God, but I also knew that if it was from God and was a warning, He would also confirm the dream by at least 2 or 3 witnesses. 

It was some hours later that morning, I went to visit my mother, who only lived ten minutes away, just as a weekly visit.

A usual greeting when I knocked and she opened the door would be, "Hi Greg, and a kiss on the cheek", but when she opened her door and saw me that morning she had a troubled look on her face and immediately said, "Greg, it was a nuclear explosion and I don't want to die."

 I was quite taken aback because no one knew about the revelation I had received that morning. I visited with her for about 30 minutes and explained the revelation to her. 

After leaving my mother's house I thought it would be nice to visit an old friend that lived in the same neighborhood. After I arrived at the friend's house I realized that it wasn't so much my thinking, but more of God's leading that led me to my friend's house.

When I knocked on Sherry's door, she opened the door with these words, "Greg, it was a nuclear explosion and I don't want to die".

Sherry knew my mother but had not talked to her for perhaps a couple of weeks.

These were the exact same words that my mother just had spoken to me just 30 minutes earlier.

From that moment, I knew that the revelation that I had received would surely come to pass someday.


1983- I Am sending you away

1984- It was in the summer

It was 1984 in the last week of June when the Lord began speaking something to me that was so profound, I had wondered about it for the last seven years, and now He, with just one statement, cleared up every bit of wondering what I had done for the last seven years.

After He made the statement, He went on to give me some very specific instructions.

 The thing that I had wondered about for the last seven years and especially the last 4 years since I had become a Christian was about the Epiphany I had on 7/7/77, which was my 30th birthday, and three years before even becoming a Christian.

 The Lord began by giving me a mandate, He said, “fast for seven days beginning on July 1 and finishing on July 7, because it will be seven years since I first visited you.”

What an explosion I had in my mind about how great God was, that even when I didn't know Him, He visited me.

If that was all He had to say I could have had church right then by myself. You can read about The First Epiphany in the testimonials.

After I had assimilated the greatness of God's love, now it was time for me to take note of these specific instructions. He told me to fast for the seven days having nothing but water.

Up to this point, it just sounded like many other 7-day fasting mandates He had given me over the last four years, but that was about to change dramatically.

He goes on to say on the seventh day I was to pray for 7 hours and that I should be at a Holiday Inn that is close to Wimauma, Florida.

He did not say if you can get a room, He said specifically that I was to be in room #7 and He would meet me there.

I had never been to Wimauma, Florida, but had heard the name at church because that was where the Church of God would hold their camp meetings.

Being only 4 years old as a Christian and having never been to a camp meeting I supposed that the Lord wanted me to go to a camp meeting and speak to me through the Saturday night speaker or perhaps through some other minister that was in attendance.

 It almost seemed, as well as I was hearing Him speak to me, I may have had the thought, Lord, why don't you just tell me what you want me to know, without driving a few hundred miles, gas, and a motel?

Well, after serving Him for 31 years, I am really glad that God's thoughts are higher than mine. This was not the first time I mentally felt like challenging the Lord's reasoning and it certainly was not the last time.

To this very day, as I am sitting here in Jerusalem getting ready to make a strategic move to another location in the city, I feel like saying, “Are you sure, Lord?” Nevertheless, one thing I am sure about, the Lord's way is perfect and full of purpose.

 Now, the instructions were very clear and seemed very important that I follow them exactly as He spoke them to me.

I started out by calling the Holiday Inn's main number to find a Holiday Inn that was closest to the Church of God campgrounds in Wimauma, Florida.

When I contacted the nearest Holiday Inn I simply asked if they had room number 7 that would be available on July 7. The clerk said it was available, made me a reservation, and gave me a confirmation number.

She gave me some general directions, but I was sure I could get the best route from people at the church that had been going for years.

That should not be written in stone, because sometimes even church people don't know the right way, enough preaching.

 Now, I am at church and I asked some of the people that have been going to the camp meetings for years and they told me the short way to get to the Holiday Inn.

OK, now I have two ways to get to the motel, the short way and the long way. Since this whole plan is the Lord's plan, I thought I should ask Him which way He would like me to go.

It's nice to know that God has the answer even before we have the question.

I foolishly am feeling so spiritual and full of God's Word that I simply know that God doesn't want me to waste time and gas and feel sure that God will choose the shorter route, but when I asked Him which route I should take, He said, “go the long way.”

Yes, God does have a sense of humor, but He also has a very serious purpose for everything he does.

He wanted me to arrive at an exact time.

Long story short, I fasted the first 6 days, and now it was the morning of the seventh day.

I felt very energized and started to head west from Palm Beach Gardens Florida, where I lived. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive.

I prayed from the time I left until I pulled into the driveway of the motel and had completed half of my seven-hour prayer mandate.

Now I assumed that I would check in at the lobby, pick up my key and go to my room, to finish my praying, and then I would go to the camp meeting to hear the evening speaker.

As I was pulling into the parking lot of the motel I noticed several people standing by a car that was being jacked up to replace a flat tire.

Because two of the people standing by the car were women, the thought crossed my mind, that maybe I should go over to the car and see if I could help them.

I quickly reevaluated the situation and the fact that I hadn't eaten for seven days and just did a lot of driving not to mention a lot of praying and thought perhaps I should just check in first and maybe they will be done by the time I'd come out of the lobby.

I really did not want to change the tire, but I was just thinking maybe I should offer some help.

Now, I am in the lobby standing at the desk and the lady on the other side of the counter greets me and asks, “can I help you?” I said, “I am Rev. Stevenson, I have a reservation for today in room #7.”

She turns around, looks at the key slots, and lets out a big sigh as if there was a problem.

In an instant, the last seven days rushed through my mind and how everything had gone according to the instructions the Lord had given me, what could be wrong?

It's impossible I thought that something could be wrong, I said to the lady as she turned back to face me.

“What is the problem?” She said, “there is somebody in that room.”

I said, “how can that be, I have a reservation and a confirmation number.”
She had no idea what I had been through over the last seven days and I certainly wasn't going to tell her.

I paused for a moment and let her explain how this problem occurred.
She said, ”the man that is in room #7 was supposed to leave by 11 am this morning but decided to stay for one more day and she couldn't put him out.”

Well, I was a little distressed but thought if I am supposed to be in room #7 I will be in room #7.

I asked the lady if I took another room and if something happened that the room would become available, would she move me from the room I was in into room #7, and she said, “no problem.”

As she was getting ready to give me the key to another room, the man that was standing by the car that had the flat tire in the parking lot walked into the lobby and before he even got to the desk he said to the lady that was getting ready to hand me the key, “Sorry, I am not going to need #7 for another day after all.”

“We had a flat tire when we came out today, and just had the tire changed and decided we would go home. As he started handing the key to the lady, I politely took it from his hand and said, "Thank you, God bless you!"

After the lady changed her paperwork I walked outside and introduced myself to the man that was in #7 along with several people that were standing with him.

When I found out that he was at the Camp meeting for several days and was a member of the Church of God.

I told him I was sorry that he had gotten a flat tire, but it was all necessary because I was a minister with the Church of God and the Lord wanted me to meet with Him in that exact room on July 7th.

Well, we had church right there in the parking lot.

They went on their way and I went into room #7 and completed the balance of the seven hours that the Lord had appointed for me to complete that day.
Now, with all my praying completed it was time to go to the Camp meeting.

It was Saturday evening and I was excited that I was going to my first camp meeting and was getting excited also that I would be able to have breakfast in the morning.

Now there was something getting ready to happen that was totally unexpected.

I stepped out of the room to leave and the Lord said, “Where are you going?” I told him, “I am going to the camp meeting to hear the Saturday evening speaker, and mentioned his name.” The Lord shocked me with His next statement. He said, “Who is he?”

I stood there outside the door speechless, but thinking, are you kidding me, Lord, you don't know so and so, he is one of the greatest men of God that the Church of God has ever known.

Within seconds the Lord opened my understanding of the reality of what He was saying and what He really wanted me to do.

The Lord wanted me to just stay there with Him, and when I fully realized what He wanted, I went back into the room and worshiped Him, and had a good night's sleep.

When I woke up I was very excited about having breakfast, and I did.
I prayed and did a lot of meditation on the long drive home.
God's ways are so much higher than ours.

Why did the Lord make me drive halfway across the state of Florida to meet Him in a motel? I suppose He needed me way out of town so I wouldn't be interrupted by anyone.

These are things I thought about all the way home. I arrived back at my house took a bath, and thought I should get out to our Sunday evening service at the West Palm Beach Church of God.

It didn't take me but a few minutes to cancel those plans as I was feeling really tired and not so strong having just ended seven days of fasting and a lot of driving earlier that morning.

I was the only one at home, I walked out of the guest bathroom and my daughter's bedroom is just across the hall with the door open and bed made, I had a thought, ”let me just lay down and think about this whole experience that had taken place over the last week.” I walked into her room and laid on her bed.

I only planned on laying there for a few minutes while thinking about the mandate. I was looking at my daughter's wall straight in front of her bed and it looked like a typical teenager's room. 

She was a cheerleader and had pompoms on the wall, pictures, and memorabilia. I think she even had a poster of Michael Jackson.

As I was thinking about the whole mandate and staring at the wall, suddenly the whole wall became a technicolor scene. I was flying bodily over the desert in Israel. I couldn't see myself, but I was literally flying.

I was aware that I was in an open vision, and also aware that I was awake and in my daughter's room.

As I flew I heard the voice of the Lord say, ”where is Hebron?” and I reached down into the desert sand and pulled up a model of the city of Hebron and said to the Lord, ”here's Hebron”.

This was the first and only part of my body I saw which was my arms and hands, as I reached into the sand. As soon as I told the Lord, ”here's Hebron!”, He whisked me away and said, ”where is Jerusalem?”.

As He said that, it was like I felt a rush of speed and in an instant, I was banking over on one side and I saw Jerusalem in a moment and I said, ”here's Jerusalem!”

As soon as I said, ”here's Jerusalem!”, the vision was gathered up into a little cloud about the size of a man's hand only for what seemed to be a second, but I could see my daughter's wall again.

Then suddenly the little cloud popped open into another vision.

The second vision which took up the entire wall was in technicolor.
I was walking down the aisle in my church and my pastor Ruben Adkins was sitting at the piano playing this unbelievable angelic music, and as I walked up to the altar I saw 88 cents on the carpet just in front of the altar.

Then the vision ended, and I could see my daughter's wall again.

To begin with, pastor Adkins never played the piano, and I didn't know any human that could have played such angelic music. As far as the 88 cents on the floor, the only thing I could connect it to was Psalm 88.

The next day I went to work where I was a customer service engineer for a company called Die bold. I drilled open a safe deposit box for a local bank and when we opened the box it had 88 cents inside and nothing else.

Perhaps the 88 cents represented pastor Adkin's age when he would go to be with the Lord.

Pastor Adkins also preached that he would be alive when the rapture would take place.

He is still alive and lives in North Florida, and at this time 2011, he is 85 years old.

It would not be the first time that God connected an event with the death of one of his people. Pastor Adkins will be 88 in 2014.

Psalms 88:10 also talks about the resurrection. Nevertheless, the whole experience was powerful and only time can reveal the full interpretation.

1985- Second revelation of nuclear war

In 1985 I had a very vivid dream in full color, sharp and clear.

I was standing at the beach on the east coast of Florida. It was a beautiful sunny day, I was standing a few hundred yards from the water's edge.

I saw some bleachers or grandstands like you would see at a high school sports event, perhaps watching a football game or field and track event.

The bleachers were right a the water's edge and they were full of people that were talking and laughing, seemingly having a lot of fun.
It was as if they were there to watch some event like a boat race or some water sports event.

The thing that was strange to me was that there was nothing taking place in front of them, but they sure seemed to be reveling and having a good time. 

As I beheld this sight I saw a surfaced Russian nuclear submarine move into the scene and go right past the crowd of people that were in the bleachers.

As the submarine passed in front of the bleachers, the people continued to revel as if they did not see the submarine or understand its significance.

 As the submarine went past, I saw a young man walk from underneath the bleachers toward me.

I recognized the man as a young Spanish man that lived close to the church I attended. His name was also Greg and he attended a Spanish-speaking church, but he would occasionally come to our morning service to worship with us.

 In the dream, he walked up to me with a very troubled countenance but did not say anything and the dream ended. It was Sunday morning when I had the dream and I recorded the dream in a book before leaving for church.

I was quite surprised when I saw Greg at our church that morning because he had not been there for several months.

When he walked up to me in the vestibule we greeted each other with some pleasantries and then I told him the dream and wondered if there was something he wanted to share with me.

I did not have to wonder any longer because as soon as I told him the dream he said, "I have something I want to give you after service".

When service was over he walked to his house which was just around the corner and I drove to his house a few minutes later to see what he wanted to give me.

When I pulled up to his house he came out to the van and handed me a paperback book by David Wilkerson entitled, "Set thy mouth to the Trumpet". I opened it and on the heading of the page it said "The Destruction of America".

This was solid confirmation of the dream I had earlier that morning, and it was clear to me that Russia would be involved in some way, either directly or through the use of their weapons, with an attack on the United States of America.



1987- First 40 days and 40 nights of fasting

It was in 1985 while in my home I heard a still small voice say to me “You are going to have to fast 40 days and 40 nights”. I heard it clearly but quickly dismissed it as one of those many voices that the Apostle Paul speaks about in his letter to the Corinthians (I Cor.14:10).

I know what I heard for sure, but I could not figure out why I would ever have to do such a thing. I sort of deleted that message from my mind and never thought any more about it.

Then in 1986 on two different occasions, months apart, I heard that same voice inside me saying, ”You are going to have to fast 40 days and 40 nights”.

The first time I heard the voice in 1986 I dismissed it pretty quickly again as I did in 1985, but the second time in 1986 when I heard that still small voice repeat the same message I thought, well, perhaps the Lord is looking for a response of some sort from me?

I think the only response He received from me was that I did not even want to think about such a thing. I totally put it out of my mind because I could not even imagine why He would ever ask me to do such a thing.

Too Crazy! Well, as it turned out it was just another time I was not getting the signal about something that was going to change my life.

It was now 1987 and I was in Cleveland Tennessee to be set forth as a licensed minister.

I had completed all the required studies and passed the tests and now was going to be set forth with about seven hundred other ministers from all over the United States and from other countries as well.

I believe I was scheduled to stay 2 days. I stayed at a nice motel close to the North Cleveland Church of God.

When we finished all the formalities there was a Church service that evening at the North Cleveland Church of God.

I was back at the motel and thinking to myself that it wasn't mandatory that I go to the service and if I could get a flight out that evening it would be best if I got back early for my children.

It was still a couple of hours before the evening service and while at the motel, I called Delta airlines to see if there was a way that I could change my ticket and leave a day early.

The young lady was very polite and said, “no you can't leave tonight”. I said, “Are you telling me that I am a prisoner here in Cleveland, Tennessee?”

She replied with a Tennessee accent, “Yes sir, you are a prisoner here.” She said it with a little chuckle and then said, “have a good evening.”

So, I was soon at the North Cleveland Church of God with about 700 other ministers. The pastor of the church walked to the pulpit opened his Bible and said these words, “I, the prisoner of the Lord.”

Now, the Lord had my undivided attention and I reflected on the conversation I had with the Delta representative. I felt I was right where God wanted me to be.

I hung on to every word the pastor said because I felt confident He had a personal message for me.

The pastor's message was full of meat, edifying, encouraging, and instructive, but there was something more than the sermon, but I still could not get a grip on what the Lord was saying to me personally.

It was all good, but He was not quickening anything specifically that was in the form of a revelation. Nevertheless, I couldn't deny the pastor's opening words which quickened my spirit, that I was there as a prisoner of the Lord.

Well, the service ended and I went to a restaurant to have dinner. I went alone because I felt that I needed to be alone with the Lord.

When I was just finishing my meal the Lord spoke to me these words,'' Trust in the Lord with all thine heart..”.

I knew the rest of the scripture, but He didn't say anything more than ''Trust in the Lord with all thine heart”. I meditated on the words He spoke and then wrote them down. I left the restaurant and went back to the motel.

I couldn't get that scripture out of my mind. I got ready for bed and knelt down to pray. I remember assuring the Lord several times in my prayer that I did trust in Him with all my heart.

I still had no hint at all why He was giving me that scripture. When I had finished praying I got into bed and went to sleep.

About two hours into my sleep I woke up from a very vivid dream that was so clear it was troubling.

In the dream, there were two ladies that seemed to be having a conversation, but I only heard one lady telling the other lady that “Greg has to fast 40 days and 40 nights.” and that's when I woke up. I immediately got out of bed and knelt down to pray.

I felt very troubled by the dream for a number of reasons.

Of course, instantly I remembered the three times I had heard those words spoken as well as how lightly I took those words and dismissed them without any meditation.

Meditation was about to become a very important spiritual tool that I would use for the rest of my life.

I am on my knees and there are a thousand reasons going through my mind, that if this dream is from God, He is asking me to do something that is seemingly impossible.

I had two children at home that I had a responsibility to raise. Their mother was killed in an automobile accident when they were young.

I myself was critically injured in a horrific auto accident in which the driver was paralyzed from the neck down and I was not expected to live at all. What about my job? That could put me in jeopardy.

I was very well aware that the devil could give someone a dream like this to get them to push ahead of God's will.

Before getting up from my knees I had to tell the Lord I was sorry, but I am going to need something a lot stronger than two ladies telling me to do something that seemed impossible.

I ask the Lord if He could do it one more time, meaning a confirming dream. I got back in bed and eventually fell asleep. An hour later I woke up from another very vivid dream.

The second dream was the same as the first dream except the two women were two different women, but the message was the same, Greg has to fast 40 days and 40 nights.

Now I was more troubled after the second dream than I was with the first dream. This is not a lot to go on.

First of all, I didn't know any of these ladies in the dream and secondly, there was never any mention of when this fast was to take place.

Now, I am starting to feel a little bit like Abraham pleading with the Lord over Sodom and Gomorrah, wondering how many times do I dare ask for another confirmation.

Only now, I am realizing that He has spoken to me three times since 1985 that I was going to have to fast 40 days and 40 nights,

He has without a doubt confirmed that I was a prisoner of the Lord, He gave me the first dream and I asked Him to give me another confirmation and He did.

He not only gave me another dream with the same message, He used different women in the second dream so I would know that I wasn't just having the same dream.

I am really feeling boxed in at this point with no escape and I suppose that is the way a prisoner is supposed to feel. Nevertheless, I asked God to be merciful to me and please give me just one more confirmation.

I got into bed but didn't fall asleep so quickly. Well, I had another dream right after I fell asleep.

The third dream was the same topic as the first two dreams, but now my Pastor Ruben Adkins was telling me, “Greg, you have to fast 40 days and 40 nights and you are to start on May 28 this year. I got out of bed and worshiped the Lord.

The Lord had established His will for me. I went back to bed and slept till the morning. I flew back to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where I lived, and started a process of how I could accomplish what the Lord directed me to do.

With only several days before May 28th and not wanting to talk with anyone about what I was getting ready to do, I tried to lay out a plan of action that would make everything possible to even attempt this kind of a fast.

I planned my 3-week vacation for the ending weeks of the fast because I knew that would be the hardest part.

I planned the first two weeks of my vacation to coincide with the last two weeks of the fast and the third week of my vacation to recover and put on a little weight.

I started the fast weighing 167 pounds and weighed 127 pounds at the end of the fast. I did not look well at all. I had some help to fill in for me for the last three weeks at the prison where I ministered.

I also stayed out of church the last three weeks and people perhaps just thought I was on vacation somewhere.

I talked to my Pastor on the phone when I finished the fast and when I told him how much I weighed he thought I should stay out of church for two more weeks until I put some weight back on.

I worked for the first 26 days and then took my vacation. My fellow employees never said anything to me about why I was losing so much weight so fast, but later, one of them told me that there was some talking among them and that there was definitely something wrong with me that I just didn't want to talk about.

I was drinking water only and losing 1 pound a day. After 33 days I didn't look very well and felt about the way I looked. Spiritually I felt on top of the world, but physically I knew the last seven days were going to be the biggest challenge I had ever been through.

To add to all the drama, my brother Tommy came to me to tell me that my parents were going to try to get a court order to have me force-fed.

I felt very bad for my parents because they were sure I was just going to die and I had already made up my mind that I was going to finish what the Lord had told me to do.

My parents had gone to my personal doctor whom I had not consulted with, which was a mistake, but he told my parents, “If Greg has his mindset to do something God has told him to do, there is nobody that can change his mind.”

I remember everyone was complaining about the heat of the day that July, but I was as cool as a cucumber, actually a little too cool, like maybe I was going to die.

It was at that time the Lord spoke a word to me that I didn't understand. The word was electrolytes.

I had heard the word before but didn't know anything other than people that play a lot of sports had to replenish the electrolytes that they had lost from playing so hard and sweating so much.

Well, I wasn't playing any sports and I was not sweating at all. Nevertheless, the more I drank the worse I felt and the thirstier I became. Later, I learned that you can lose your life by drinking too much water.

I was drinking so much water that I was actually washing away all my electrolytes and that is why I was feeling so bad. I drank enough water to float a small boat.

It was not long after the Lord spoke that word to me that I received a call from a friend from church. Sandra was the mother of my daughter's girlfriend.

Sandra was aware that I had done a lot of fasting over the years and knew I always just drank water but did not know about the word the Lord had spoken to me about electrolytes, in fact, to my knowledge, she didn't know about the 40-day fast.

Sandra called to see how I was because I wasn't in church and perhaps perceived that I was doing some fasting, but to this day I have never questioned the reason she called me because I knew it was the Lord's doing.

In our brief conversation, Sandra asked, “how are you feeling? I truthfully answered her with, “not too well!” Then she asked me this question, “Greg, has the Lord always told you to just drink water when you fast?” I said, “no, but I have never fasted except with water.”

She said, “you may need some electrolytes”. Wow, when she said electrolytes, I felt that had to be from the Lord. She said, “you should drink some Gator Aid, it has electrolytes.”

Long story short, once I introduced some electrolytes into my body I was revived and finished the fast.

I had gone for 40 days and 40 nights without anything to eat, but that was not the end of the story.

I had received many revelations during this time of fasting, but I had done some major damage to myself which I was not aware of until September 24 of the same year.

Although there were many personal revelations during these first 40 days and 40 nights of fasting, the greatest revelation was when the Lord Himself came into my bedroom and stood at my right side.

I was in my spirit because I was looking at my body laying before me. The Lord said, “I AM, going to replace your pancreas.” I slightly turned my head to the right and could see that the Lord was in a white robe and I noticed that His shoulder was a few inches higher than mine.

As I was turning to respond to the Lord's statement I said, “You are going to do what?” He repeated the same words a second time, “I AM, going to replace your pancreas.”

The second time He spoke, when I looked at my body laying before me I saw my damaged pancreas on the outside of my body. I saw what a pancreas looked like.

Before that moment I did not have a clue what a pancreas looked like.

After waking up I looked in some medical books that were part of a large ministry library in my office to see what a pancreas looked like and to my amazement, the picture in the book looked exactly like the pancreas that the Lord had removed from my body, except for the fact that the one I saw outside of my body was swollen and there was a bit of blood pooled in one spot.

The Lord sent His Word and healed me by speaking a new pancreas into being. With the Lord, all things are possible. It is a fact that any transplant of a "pancreas" in the 1980s was completely experimental.

 As a footnote, I want to say, a 40-day fast is not something anyone should try without some very clear direction from the Lord with some very solid confirmations that this would be His will.

I would also suggest that if you would ever consider this kind of fast that you should always consult with a medical doctor before, during, and after the fast.


1993- Sent back to Jerusalem to intercede

1994- Sent back to Jerusalem to intercede

1994- Warning dream about the Twin Towers

On 9-13-1994 I dreamed a dream that placed me in Manhattan, New York where I was born in 1947. It was daytime and I could see the two tallest buildings in the city.

As I was looking at the Twin Towers I heard a voice say, "SERIOUS FIRE ALARM" and that is what woke me up.

Because it was not unusual for me to dream about future events, some good and some bad, I always kept a notebook & pen on the end table next to my bed so I could record any dreams that merited my attention.

I also found it very helpful at times to have a tape recorder handy in case I wanted to continue sleeping I could just speak some keywords that would bring the dream back to my attention when I woke up in the morning.

I shared the dream with my family, and with people that believed in prophecy, both in the states and with friends in Jerusalem.

I had made many trips to Jerusalem for prayer mandates from 1993 thru 2000, but It wasn't until January 2001 that the Lord alerted me that there was going to be a terrorist attack on the USA.

I was the only one home and the television in the living room was on a Christian station like the 700 Club or TBN.

I was not watching television, but as I was passing through the living room to go to my office I heard the guest say to the host, "I believe that America will be attacked within the next 10 to 15 years".

That statement stopped me right in my tracks and I turned toward the T.V. as if it was a person and I said "It is going to be much sooner than that". It was a reflexive statement that came from my spirit. 

In essence, the statement was specifically for me and not for television. I have found over many years of ministry that the Lord knows how to alert me well in advance that something is coming down the pike, so stay alert. 

On September 4, 2001, I was talking with another minister in his home and while I was listening to him it was as if I stopped hearing his words and instead I heard the word of the Lord and this was His word to me, "Something very explosive is getting ready to happen on 911."

I immediately excused myself, walked out to my car, and called my first Pastor that was now in retirement.

He was an old-time Church of God preacher and teacher from West Virginia that preached on prophecy. He knew the Dakes Annotated Reference Bible inside and out. More than that he was full of the Holy Ghost and believed in holiness. I shared the message and he saw it come to pass.

I remember on September 10th on Monday night I was home and interceding for a number of hours and went to bed at about 1 am on September 11, 2001. 

At around 8:30 am my daughter Rhea called and woke me up and told me to turn on the T.V. and when I did I saw the second plane just before it hit the second tower. The rest is history.

We had our regular prayer meeting that evening at the church as I imagine Christians around the world went into prayer. As tragic as the whole attack was for the nation I had some personal questions for the Lord.

The Lord warned me about the attack on 9/13/1994 so how do I square this up with the attack on 911?

I went back and found the exact date of the dream, but I also circled the date in a book by Author Spier entitled "The Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar which correlates the Gregorian calendar with the Hebrew calendar.

After checking the book I could easily see that the Lord was not actually telling me the date of the attack but was telling me the exact day of the attack.

9/13/1994 was the second Tuesday of September and 9/11/2001 was also the second Tuesday of September. This is a pattern that the Lord will use again on the next harbinger. 

                                                             Bishop Greg Stevenson

1995- In September of 1995  

I was standing in the master bedroom of my home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida when I heard the voice of the Lord say, "Go to Israel right now"!

I remember just standing there for about five minutes trying to digest the words that I heard. There was no one else present so no doubt He was speaking to me. 
He knew that I could not afford to go to Israel.

 I had gone two times in 1994 and two times already in 1995, but surely the Lord was aware of those facts.

Rosh Hashanah was coming up and as it turned out I would only find out more details about this trip as I followed His leading.

The first step was to acknowledge that I heard His voice. Only as I moved by faith did He let me know that He wanted me in Jerusalem to intercede for three weeks.

I didn't know how this was all possible because I had no place to stay and I could not afford to stay at a hotel. Nevertheless, I called TWA after that five-minute pause and made flight arrangements.

I took out a hard shell suitcase, packed it, and had a friend take me to Miami where I boarded a jet that was going to JFK airport.

It was a 747 that was being returned to JFK and only had about 100 passengers on board. Passengers were assigned seats, but everyone sat wherever they wanted since there were so many empty seats.

I was assigned to a window seat and there was no one in the two seats next to me so I just stayed in the seat I was assigned to.

I remember I had a bit of a headache, probably because I felt a bit stressed out just thinking about how crazy the whole thing seemed to be, just leaving without any plan of action other than, "Go to Israel right now."

Why was the Lord doing this to me? Was this some kind of a test? If it was a test I thought, surely the Lord doesn't want me to fail this test, but He didn't even give me time to prepare, He just said, "Go to Israel right now".

Fortunately for me, if the Lord had given me enough time to think about what I was doing, I probably could have talked myself right out of a tremendous blessing. Blessed be His name.

Well, as we were flying to New York I thought, at least let me get rid of this headache. As the stewardess walked down the aisle I asked her if I could have a couple of aspirin, and she very politely said, "No, I'm sorry we are not allowed to give out aspirin."

As the stewardess walked away, a lady sitting a couple of rows in front of me and in the center section motioned to me that she had some aspirin.
I moved over behind the lady and she gave me a couple of aspirins.

She said, "where are you going?" I said to Israel, and she said, "so are we."

There was no one anywhere near the lady, but she explained that she was one of six ladies that were going to Israel to pray and she was wondering where the seventh person was and then said: "you must be the seventh one."

I said, well, I don't know about that. She then asked, "Where in Israel are you going?" I said I am going to Jerusalem.

Of course, her next question was, "where are you staying in Jerusalem?" I said I don't know, the Lord has not told me yet."

Sometime during the flight, I was introduced to the leader of the group, Myrna Middleton. Myrna was a seasoned Intercessor for Israel and the founder of Fair Heavens Missions.

She had been to Israel many times and had a very powerful testimony of how God had miraculously healed her.

We were now boarding the flight to Tel Aviv and the Lord had still not given me even a hint of where I was going to stay in Jerusalem.

As we were flying overseas I felt a calm assurance that the Lord would let me know where I was going to stay before we landed.

Well, we were about an hour from landing and I still had nothing, but before I got off the plane Myrna told me that she had a two-bedroom apartment in Jerusalem that was fully equipped and was not being used and if I stopped by the hotel where the group was staying I could pick up the keys and use the apartment to meet my 3 weeks of intercessory prayer.

When I arrived in Jerusalem it was late afternoon and I went right to the hotel and picked up the keys and went to the apartment.

Certainly, the Lord had stretched my faith and made me realize that where God guides, God provides.

The next three weeks were a time of intense intercessory prayer and revelations. The intercessory prayer mandate was to intercede 7 hours a day for 21 days for the peace of Jerusalem.

While in prayer I received a fax from a very close friend, sister Ruby Price, informing me that a very strong hurricane named Opel had come into the Gulf of Mexico and for a while, the Hurricane Center did not know for sure which states would be the recipient of this hurricane that had reached 150 mph.

Well, on October 4th, 1995 Opel came into the Florida Panhandle after weakening to 115 mph, however, still being very destructive.

Sister Price faxed me because she knew that the Lord had warned me about an event that would be taking place in the Florida Panhandle.

I had a dream in August of 1995 that I recorded and shared with the church while preaching and then again the last time I preached in September I reminded the church once again about the dream and that something very serious was going to take place in the Florida Panhandle.

I told the church that there was going to be some type of emergency in the Florida Panhandle and its timing had something to do with the fall feast days of Israel.

I recorded and told the church that it had something to do with Yom Kippur.

The 4th of October 1995 correlated with the day of Yom Kippur, which is also known as the Day of Judgment.

The dream was very vivid. I was standing in the Florida Panhandle in a very large outdoor setting. It was night time and I could see hundreds and hundreds of red and blue lights flashing on the tops of what seemed to be an innumerable amount of emergency vehicles.

 The clouds above me were black billowing clouds and stretched as far as I could see. It was a very ominous sign.

The swelling clouds had my attention more than the emergency lights as they seemed to be coming down lower and lower as I looked at them.

It was while I was looking at this threatening sign that I heard a thunderous voice speak as if it came out of the clouds saying "WARNING, FLORIDA PANHANDLE, WARNING, FLORIDA PANHANDLE".

As I heard the second warning I woke up.

While feeling a sense of affirmation about the dream the Lord had given me in August of 1995, I knew that the Lord was wanting me to be sensitive about future things that He would be showing me.

I continued on with the three-week prayer mandate. From the very beginning of the Lord's call to go to Israel I kept hearing a phrase that was sung by the Steve Miller Band, "I'm going to fly like an eagle to the sea". I couldn't seem to shake off the tune or the phrase.

I was questioning the Lord as I was flying to Israel about why I had this secular song going around and around in my head.  
I would quote hundreds of scriptures while we were flying and couldn't shake it off. It's nighttime now and we are heading overseas.

Lights are out and people are trying to sleep, but I still have this eagle thing going on in my head.

I quote the Sermon on the Mount without interruption, but when I am done here comes the eagle thing. I quoted Psalms 119 without interruption, but then here comes the eagle thing.

However, when I said to the Lord, I get it, that didn't stop that tune, with that phrase, from going around and around in my brain. I just stopped letting it bother me.

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem I was going to fly like an eagle.

The whole time I was interceding in the spirit, the eagle thing was going on in my head at different times, but I would keep praying.

After praying for 140 hours in the first 20 days I was finally on my last day of prayer. Although it was 27 years ago I can remember it as if it were yesterday.

I remember I was just finishing the last minutes of the 7th hour. I was kneeling at the bedside and I went into an open vision.

Completely conscious, with my eyes closed, instead of seeing darkness, now I was seeing a lady standing before me.

We were in a big room. The lady didn't say anything or do anything.
The vision seemed to be a couple of minutes long but was probably only 10 or 15 seconds long.

When I came out of the vision I knew that I had seen this lady in Jerusalem on a previous occasion. The lady in the vision was a minister that held praise and worship services every afternoon in Jerusalem.

I made some phone calls to find out how to get the ministry phone number and finally reached her. I asked her what time do you start the service and how would I get there.

She told me the service started at two o'clock and I could take a city bus that would bring me close to where the ministry was located.

Now I am on the bus and have got the eagle thing going on in my head, I am going to fly like an eagle.

Well, the truth of the matter was, I had no idea where I was, but she said at one point I would come to an intersection that had some kind of monument and it was close to the Red Cross Building.

To make a long story a little shorter, I got off the bus at this intersection, walked down one of the streets, and there it was.

I walked in at 2 pm and the service had just started. Everyone was standing except for the minister, she was playing the piano and singing. I just sort of mixed in with the worshipers and raised my hands to worship the Lord.

We went through several songs just singing and worshiping the Lord, and right in the middle of the last song she just stopped playing the piano.

She rose up from the piano and walked over to where I was standing, now, everyone is quiet and wondering what Reverand Ruth is going to do. 

She looks right in my face and says, "I see eagle wings coming down on your back and she begins to give me a prophecy about things I would do and that God was going to visit me and minister to me and through me."

I was so taken aback by the eagle's feathers and what the Spirit of God had been telling me for the last three weeks that it was hard for me to focus on everything she was saying to me in the prophecy.

At the end of the service, she was so taken by this vision she had about the eagle's feathers, she pulled me aside and said, my brother has ministered in over 100 nations and he is in Bethlehem right now with a group of people.

I want to take you to Bethlehem right now and I want my brother to anoint you and he will give you a word.

Everyone left the service and she drove me to Bethlehem.

Now, while we are standing outside the Church of the Nativity, She asked me to wait while she went into the church to get her brother.

A few minutes passed by and now there is a group of people coming towards me being led by Reverand Wallace Heflin Jr., which was her brother. 

He walks right up to me, puts oil on his fingers, placed his hand on my forehead, and begins to prophesy.

The prophecy lasted about ten minutes and was the most powerful prophecy I had ever heard anyone give. It was so long I couldn't retain any of it.

A crowd had gathered around to listen to this man's prophesy.
People were taking videos of the prophecy. 

I suppose it was good that I couldn't retain the prophecy, because it could have been something that would have caused me to think more highly of myself than I should have.

Actually, the whole experience was quite humbling. The eagle thing was now only a memory and part of my testimony.

Nevertheless, the Lord does still use the eagle to confirm every trip I make to Jerusalem. Bless His wonderful name

1996-Spent 7 hours of intercessory prayer a day, for the entire year
I made two trips to Jerusalem.

1997-Was made the Director of World Missions for the River Church of God.
Traveled to Jerusalem only one time this year.

1998-World Missions Director. Sent back to Jerusalem to intercede

1999-World Missions Director. Sent back to Jerusalem to intercede

2000-World Missions Director. Sent back to Jerusalem.
Traveled to Jerusalem one time.


2001-Director of World Missions


2002-Director of World Missions

2003-Director of World Missions


2004-Director of World Missions 

2005-Director of World Missions

2006-Director of World Missions

2007-Called to return to Jerusalem.

2007-Completed 40 days and 40 nights of fasting, when the Lord appeared to me in a dream or night vision.

Returned to Jerusalem to complete intercessory prayer mandate on the Mount of Olives.


2008- Gaza war revelation in September 2008 

The Lord gave me two dreams back to back.

In both dreams, I was in Jerusalem and it was in the month of December.

In the first dream, I was in the Old City of Jerusalem, but in the second dream, I was on the Mount of Olives.

After recording the two dreams, I knew in my spirit, that they were mandates that would not be fulfilled in the same year.

I focused on the first dream because it seemed to be the most ominous.
He wanted me in Jerusalem in December, but He had not given me a specific date at the time of the dream other than it was in December.

I shared the dream with my pastor, Daniel Sturgill.

Seven days after the dream the Lord spoke to me in a still small voice and said that I had to be in the Old City of Jerusalem on the 18th of December and that Israel was going to be attacked and it was going to happen while I was there.

In the first dream, I was kneeling in the narrow roadway that goes from the Jaffa Gate past the Armenian Quarter and to the Jewish Quarter.

It appeared that it was just the breaking of the morning and I was kneeling in the center of the road between Christ Church and the Tower of David.

There was a chain-link fence that went from Christ Church to the Tower of David.

Right where I was kneeling the chain link fence was ripped open as if something violently tore through the fence going in the direction of the  Jewish Quarter.

As I knelt before this big gap in the fence, the scripture came to me immediately "God looked for a man to make up the hedge and stand in the gap, and He found none." Ezekiel 22:30

I understood the significance while I was in the dream, but kept looking at the fence as if to assess the damage and figure out what it was going to take to repair this fence.

As I was assessing the damage to this fence, which in real life does not even exist, I looked to my left and I saw a male figure on the other side of the fence standing by Christ Church.

He wore a robe, but I could not distinguish his face, but I knew it was a man.
I said to the man, which I believe was Christ Himself (because the same man appeared in the second dream on the Mount of Olives), "This is going to take a professional", meaning to fix the breach in the fence, and he just looked at me and said, "Just Pray".

Then I went into the second dream on the Mount of Olives.

In the second dream, I was at the Church of God on the Mount of Olives where I have stayed on a number of occasions to fulfill intercessory prayer mandates.

I was on the third floor where there are 3 rooms that the church uses for guests, students, or visitors.

I was standing at the end of the hall and the same robed man that was in the first dream was standing at my right side.

There was a young lady standing before each of the three doors.
The young lady in the middle could not open the door.

I looked at my right hand and there was a special key in my hand.
It was like a safe deposit key.

I walked over to the door, put the key in, and opened the door to the amazement of the three young ladies and the dream ended.

I knew that the key that opened the door was prayer. I also knew that this second dream was for the following year in December.

Concerning the first dream, I made preparations to leave for Jerusalem on the 17th of December. I flew to Atlanta and Tel Aviv, arriving in Jerusalem on the 18th of December 2008 at approximately 7:30 pm. I had something to eat, did some praying, and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning to the news that Israel had just suffered a major attack and the Gaza war was on.

Now that this had come to pass as the Lord had shown me, I simply had to "Just Pray" as I was instructed to do.

I was given a 10-day 70-hour prayer mandate to accomplish in the Old City of Jerusalem.

When I had finished the prayer mandate I still had two days before I was scheduled to leave for home. The rain had subsided and the day was warming up nicely.

A friend from church had given me a prayer request and asked if I could place it in the Western Wailing Wall. I thought, I better do it while the weather was good or even worse, before I forgot to do it at all.

I walked from the Jaffa Hostel where I was staying to James Street and then down through the Jewish Quarter.

As I was walking by the Jewish shops an orthodox Jewish man stopped me and said, "Where are you from?" and I said, "From Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

" Then I said, "well, actually I  was born in New York City, but I now live in Palm  Beach Gardens, Florida."

He placed his left hand on top of my head,(I was wearing a ball cap) and said, "The Lord bless you and prosper you, your children, and your grandchildren."

I said to the man, "Thank you very much" and went on my way.

As I still had about a five-minute walk before I actually got down to the Wall, I was thinking to myself, that's the first time since 1983 that an orthodox Jew has ever laid his hand upon my head and pronounced a blessing over me.

Now, I am going down the stairway, through security, and to the Wailing Wall.

There are hundreds of people at the Wall and I press my way to the Wall and place the prayer request in a crack.

I turn around to leave and there is another orthodox Jew right in my face saying,"Where are you from?" and I said, "From Palm Beach Gardens, Florida."

"Then I said, well, actually I was born in New York City, but now I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

"He placed his left hand on top of my head and said, "The Lord bless you and prosper you, your children, and your grandchildren."

I said, "Thank you very much" and as I walked away the scripture came to me that God would establish every word by two or three witnesses. II Cor.13:1

I felt extremely blessed, not only for myself but for my children and grandchildren.

I have been going to the Wailing Wall since 1983 and have never had an orthodox Jew lay his hand on my head and pronounce a blessing over me and now it happened twice within ten minutes by two men in different places in the Old City.

Tensions were still very high in the Old City because the Gaza war was still raging 65 miles south of Jerusalem.

Many of the shopkeepers had closed their shops in protest of the war and because there were so many innocent Arab women and children that had died.

From the time of the dream in October right up until I was flying back home, I often wondered why the Lord chose to use a chain-link fence in the dream as opposed to a wooden or stone fence.

I had never really noticed a chain-link fence anywhere in Jerusalem or at least I could not remember ever seeing a chain-link fence in Jerusalem. 

As I was leaving the Jaffa Hostel and walking out past the lobby to go out to the waiting cab, I notice men were sitting and watching the TV coverage of the Gaza war.

 I saw the screen just in passing by, but I noticed a lot of chain-link fences where they were fighting.

As we drove to the airport I was thinking how strange that was that I saw some chain link fence just as I was leaving Israel, but I said nothing to the cab driver who I knew well.

The Lord had someone else in mind to answer my question about the chain link fence. We arrived at the airport at 9 pm and began the long process of security.

The flight was a full flight as usual, but there was an empty seat between me and a middle-aged Jewish man.

We looked at each other and had the same thought, I hope no one takes this seat in the middle, but just before they shut the door a young Muslim man came down the aisle and stopped at our row, looked up at the number, and said, "I guess that's my seat".

The Jewish man got out of his seat to let the young man in and he could hardly fit in the seat, not because he was fat, but because he was a very big man.

I struck up a conversation with him just moments after he sat down.
He said he was visiting his grandmother who lived in Ramallah.

We had some small conversations to get acquainted with because we were going to be sitting next to each other for the next 14 hours.

At one point I thought, let me ask him if there is a chain-link fence around the Gaza strip because I saw it on the TV as I was leaving the Jaffa Hostel.

When I asked him the question, he paused like he was thinking about the question for a minute, and I said, "you do know what chain link fence is don't you?" He said, Oh yeah, I was just trying to think if there was any chain link fence in Gaza.

 He said, "The only place where there is a chain link fence is around the Jewish settlements." That is where the attack on Israel took place.

That's why the Lord showed me in a dream, a chain-link fence that had been violently ripped through.

Soon after my conversation, I dozed off for about 15 minutes and the Lord appeared to me in a dream, we were standing at the Western Wailing Wall. The Lord spoke two words to me, He said, "Thank you" and I woke up. For me, that was the greatest reward. 

I arrived home on January 3rd. 2009.

2009 - Sent back to Jerusalem to intercede

2009 - Sent back to Jerusalem to intercede, completing two intercessory prayer mandates and establishing a residence in Jerusalem

2010- Sent to Rehavia, Jerusalem to intercede for 55 weeks, 5 hours of prayer a day, while also attending Hebrew language lessons at an Ulpan

2011 - 2012 In Jerusalem to fulfill a 2,584-hour intercessory prayer mandate while also establishing a portal over a specific area in Jerusalem

2013 - In Jerusalem praying 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday to maintain the existence of the portal that was established in 2010, but was begun on the evening of December 19, 2009, at the residence in Rehavia, Jerusalem.

2013 - 2019 In the second half of 2013 the Lord shifted me to France to intercede for The House of David so that they might be encouraged to leave France and begin returning to the land of the forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

2015- Warning dream and prophecy about the Golden Gate Bridge, the Rapture, and the 2nd harbinger for America in 2022.

On 11-25-2015 I dreamed I was standing in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge when there was a catastrophic earthquake.

I saw both ends of the bridge collapse into rubble. I saw the bridge fall toward the east and into San Fransico Bay.

I found myself at the shoreline and getting out of the water, but instead of being in San Fransico, I found myself at the southeast corner of my home church, the River Church of God in West Palm Beach, Florida and it was now the evening.

.....more to come

There was no restriction on any of the prayer mandates concerning my personal location which gave me the ability to complete the 12,000-hour intercessory prayer mandate from Jerusalem, France, and Florida.

The primary focus of prayer was always to begin with and for the peace of Jerusalem. I completed the last 70 hours of intercessory prayer in Paris, France, and arrived back in America on 01-02-2020. 

Completed 10-day 70-hour prayer mandate at a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Hotel  09-15-2022- 09-25-2022.

2015 Warning dream about the Golden Gate


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